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The 2006 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review

There's an old Broadway saying that it takes years to become an overnight success.

The saying also rings true for political activism in Chicago in 2006. Chicago saw the crystallization of prominent activist efforts — from the Festival of Rights on Michigan Avenue to the record-breaking immigrants rights protests on May Day and throughout the year.

Those prominent victories never happen overnight — they rely crucially on seldom recognized day-to-day educational efforts and organizing work over weeks, months, years — and thanks to the efforts of a great many political activists and concerned citizens.

For everyone who benefits from that work, those invisible efforts will sew the seeds of victories yet to come.

Chicago Indymedia has helped made that invisible work visible, providing a platform for coverage, announcements, commentary, organizing. We commemorate that work in the calendar year that just passed — the struggles, the successes, the tragedies, the triumphs — in Chicago Indymedia's 2006 Year In Review.

The coverage listed below, about 370 posts during calendar year 2006, are organized into twelve categories.

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Education Organizing
Electoral Politics
Environment and Health Organizing
International Affairs and Immigrant Rights
LGBT Rights
Labor Organizing and Economic Justice
Media Democracy
Peace Organizing
Various Assorted Actions
Chicago Indymedia
In Memoriam

Lawsuit claims CTA’s Chicago Card lacking in minority neighborhoods

Jackson disputes book on rights era; What Taylor Branch wrote

McKeon introduces Transit Accountability Legislation

DC Police Chief (and former Chicago cop) May Be Held Liable for Mass Arrests

4 Arrested at Critical Mass

Daley to ask for cameras all over Chicago

State of the Union/WCW Protests: January 31

City's Disorderly Conduct Ordinance Faces Constitutional Challenge

Class Action Lawsuit Hits County Jail Over Strip Searches & Vaginal Probing

Hearing to Determine if Aaron Patterson Gets a New Trial: Friday, 2/10

Aaron Patterson's Hearing POSTPONED

City proposes shutting down businesses that turn down surveillance cameras

Kicking the Pigeon

Three Arrested, One Person Beaten By Cops at Coulter Protest. Jail Solidarity Underway.

Black Panther's son lashes out at Daley

Rush Reaches New Low in Hampton Controversy

70 new electronic eyes on the street

Anti-Minute Men Five Report at DePaul

3 arrests at Critical Mass

Chicago 9/11 Alert

News Video: Minutemen Driven Out of Logan Square

Chicago Police Admit Spying On, Infiltrating Protest Meetings

Systematic torture of dozens of African-American males by Chicago police officers?

UN Committee Against Torture Questions US about Burge and other Police Abuse

Chicago's Abu Ghraib: UN Committee Against Torture Hears Report on How Police Tortured Over 135 African-American Men Inside Chicago Jails

Happy Mother's Day? Domestic Violence Shelter Forced to Close this Friday!!!

Support Free Speech in Chicago and London

URGENT: Police Shooting, Observers Needed

UN Committee Says U.S. and Chicago In Violation of Anti-Torture Treaties

Cops in 'battle dress' to flood high-crime areas

Journalist/Activist Subpoenaed for Documenting and Reporting Police Brutality in Stateway Gardens Community

Protest Against West Side Police Shooting — 12 Noon Today

Religious Bigotry Protested at Southside Church

Police declare war on Uptown CopWatch

Counter-recruiting at the Taste of Chicago

More on Chicago counter-recruiting

Cops Arrest Seven Peace Activists at Taste of Chicago

Peaceful leaflet-ing met with hostility by police, results in arrests

Pictures of arrest of peace protester @ the Taste

Trial of Chicago Cops Sued for Framing Man for Rape/Murder Begins Monday

Minuteman/Paul Revere Ride outnumbered by Counter-Protest

Burge torture-probe report released today

Report on Chicago Police Torture Is Released

Report Nails Chicago Police for Torture, But Says They Can't Be Prosecuted / FULL TEXT OF REPORT HERE

US Questioned by UN on Police Abuse

Will Anything Be Done About Chicago Cop Torture?

Attorney accuses Daley, Devine of obstruction of justice in torture investigation

The NewStandard: Confirmation of Chicago Tortures Falls Short

The Fate of the Tasty Seven: Six arrestees go to trial, charges dropped for one

ALERT: Cops shoot child tonight in Cabrini

Cabdriver Killing City Workers Trial Starts Today

Cabrini Residents to Protest at Police Headquarters Tonight

midwest regional ARA actions against the NSM this past weekend

Cops Crack Down on Mexican Independence Day Celebrations

Chicago bluesman loses car in trumped up arrest

Margulies Book Anticipated Arar Commission Report

Boeing Wins Deal For Border Security

Appellate Court Overturns Unlawful Detention/Torture Case

One Charge Dropped in Israeli Torture Case

Corrupt Chicago Judge Burrell Outed at 'Red Mass' in Chicago

Scandal involving Chicago police officers could precipitate over 100 dropped cases

Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty in the Protest Warrior case.

$9 Million Jury Verdict Today Against Waukegan For Wrongful Conviction

Chicago Voter Registration Base Flawed - Voter's Key Personal Info Available on the Internet

Chicago anti-war activists to police: duh.

Police brutality case dismissed

Fred Hampton Jr. and ; the Chicago Police; the Mayoralty and City Council

Blind Justices?

DHS to update surveillance systems on CTA buses

Innocent Man Framed by Burge Cops Sues Cops

Jeremy Hammond sentenced to 2 years in prison for criminal hacking

Police Assault, Arrest Englewood Aldermanic Candidate, Local Black Businessmen

Congress Votes 368-31 to Back Mumia’s Racist Frame-up

Chicagoan Tortured and Imprisoned Without Charges by U.S. Forces in Baghdad

8th Day Center response to Vatican statement about Catholic Education

Public School Closings Touch a Raw Nerve on Chicago's West Side

Chicago to Privatize 13 More Schools

FBI Spying at DePaul

DePaul Student Government Endorses Coca-Cola Boycott

Enlisting opposition - Anti-war activists visit schools to counter military recruiters' pitch

Children, Parents March on Mayor's Office to Save Their School

Anti-Military Recruitment Protesters Arrested at University of Chicago

Northern Illinois students reclaim streets and tear down recruitment posters

Oppose Homophobic and Racist "Ultimate Warrior" at DePaul

Morton West Students Stage Walk-Out

People's History of DePaul

Roosevelt University fires teacher for allowing questioning of Zionism

People of Color Caucus Statement at the First Convention, New SDS

Report Back from SDS conference

DePaul joins Coke Boycott

DePaul Cuts Coca-Cola Contract, Boycott a Success

Students and Congressional candidate speak at NIU protest

Interview with Bill Ayers

Ice Cream Fuhrer Loses Election

Ex-Governor George Ryan's Vindictive Prosecution and Verdict

This Thug and His Cronies ALL must GO!!!!


Illinois Farm Bureau Omits Rich Whitney

State Board Votes 8-0 to Certify Green Candidates

He's PRO-War / AGAINST Equal Rights / FOR the Rich – PROTEST Friday, Sept. 8

Slate: How did Chicago get to be so corrupt?

Rich Whitney's Support Triples in Governor's Race While Others Lose Points

News Gazette Poll Shows Whitney Winning

Chicago Can Vote 'Yes!' To Stop the War Nov. 7

Request for video help on election day to document expected southwest side shenanigans

Iraq War on the Ballot: Press Coverage, Editoral Support

Vote No on 8 Judges Involved In Burge Torture Cases

Withdraw US forces from Iraq? Cook County votes "Yes"

Chicago Overwhelmingly Votes vs War by 80 percent

BREAKING: McKinney files impeachment articles!

Urban Health Students Confront UIC Administration

RNs, Healthcare Workers Announce New Campaign to Enact Key Staffing Bill to Protect Patients

Warmest January of Record (102 years) at Winsor, IL

Some Illinois Vaccines Still Legally Laced With Mercury

Hydrologist said climate change impacts hydrology, thus career in river prediction for Illinois, with NOAA/NWS, ends

Who is Real Terrorist When Our Nuclear Plants Leaking Poison to Our Water?

Video on Nat'l Fam Farm Coaltn info outreach event

VIDEO on GMOpposition info table on north side, with interviews

Photos from Federal Plaza RTC Fest

Pictures from Reclaim The Commons March on Tues. 4-11

Pesticide Concerns?

West Nile Virus Pesticide Protest Thurs, Aug 17, 6PM/Poetry

Spray alert Tues and Wed.

Lake Superior is currently near a record low level for this time of year

Wed. Public Hearing: Oppose Coast Guard plans to turn the Great Lakes into a shooting range

Student Nurses - The Hidden Crisis

Sewage Discharges Threaten Great Lakes

Grassroots Group Beats Back Coast Guard Plan to Militarize Great Lakes

Judge orders Salah courtroom closed when Israeli agents testify

"Lights Out Chicago" Brings Home Iraq's Electricity Shortage

Local 484: Corporate War in the Heartland

Forthcoming May Day protests

Chicago Immigrant Workers to March on May Day

Latino Union: Primero de Mayo / May Day Mobilization for Immigrant Rights!

Activists say it's no surprise Chicago immigration rally set tone for the nation

26 Area Workers Under Threat of Deportation After Fed Raids

Students protest raid on illegal immigrants

May 1 "A Day Without Immigrant" Strike/Boycott: Over 100 events at 60+ cities!

May 1: Immigrant Communities Marching Together

Report on the National May 1 Planning Meeting: Organizing the new movement

M1 Update: Polish, Korean, Irish, Other Immigrant Communities Announce Support for Mayday Rights March

M1 Update: 10AM Latino Union Contingent for May Day Immigrant Rights March

M1 Update: March Route Confirmed for May 1 Mobilization

M1: Chicago police bracing for 300,000-strong march

Support Builds for Immigration Protests, Boycott

May Day Virtual Sit-In!

Three Quarters of a Million Mobilize for Immigrant Rights

Photos: Largest Immigrant Rights March in Nation.

May Day returns to its roots

Article and more pics from today's huge march

Photos: May Day 2006, Grant Park and CFL Rally at Haymarket Square

Photos: May Day 2006, Milwaukee, Ashland, Division Feeder March

Photos: May Day 2006, Union Park, Randolph past Haymarket Square

Black and Brown Unite and Fight - STOP Contingent in Immigrant Rights March

May Day, May Day

May Day 2006 Pictures

Pilsen Immigrant Rights Hunger Strikers Reach 15th Day

Photos: Memorial Day Action

Chicago Immigrant Workers Win Delay, End Fast

Protest CAT Shareholder Meeting - Wednesday 6/14 - Noon

Solidarity With Mexican Teachers Needed!

Look Them in the Eye,—Honest Abe and the Residents of Ramadi

Venezuelan Mayor to Visit Chicago July 21st and 22nd

Chicago: Eyewitness Report: Hizbullah hits Israeli warship

Hundreds Protest Outside Israeli Consulate

Monday Counter-protest: Stop Israel’s Attacks on Lebanon and Gaza

Counterprotest Decries Israeli Racism, Brutality


Chicago Student Evacuates from Beirut

Tens of Thousands March for Immigrant Rights

Tens of Thousands keep the pressure for Legalization, against Deportation

Chicago Efforts Prove Immigrants' Rights Movement Is Still Strong

Photos of July 22 Rally and Protest Against Israeli Actions

NO ILLINOIS Reps Vote Against the Blank Check for Israel

Photostory: Chicago protests Israel's attacks on Lebanon and the Palestinians

Photos: Thousands March to Oppose U.S., Israeli Attacks

Report on today's demo opposing the U.S.-Israeli attacks on Gaza, Lebanon and the Occupation

Video: Rally to support the people of Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq

Video: Counter-protest to Jewish United Fund rally in Skokie 7-23-2006

Israel, the Nazi State

Emergency Forum Raises Solidarity Funds for Lebanon Relief

Church provides refuge for Woman who is to be deported.

March 10 movement: Elvira Arellano needs your support

Photos from Elvira Defense

Photos from Elvira Prayer Service

March to Defend Elvira and Immigrants Rights

Info About the Immigrant Rights March Currently in Progress

Elvira Arellano: Immigrant Activist’s Standoff with DHS Continues

Latinos say they've been betrayed by Obama

Annual Indigenous Peoples Day Demonstration at Columbus Day doubles in size

Marathoner to run for Families of Irish POWs

Immigrant Mom Continues Stand Against Family Separation

Call to Action Across the US Against Mexican Consulates

Chicago-based Media Project Reports from Oaxaca

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Monday, October 30th

2 Arrests Mon. at Mexican Consulate

Photos and Story of Chicago's Demonstration at Mexican Consulate

Arrests Fail to Deter Protest-Vigil for Oaxaca at Mexican Consulate

Immigrants Sue to Retrieve Funds Seized in Arizona

EMERGENCY PROTEST Against Chicago Visit by Viciously Anti-Gay President of Poland

Protest Photos & Report: Chicagoans Rally in Solidarity With Polish Gays

Celebrate FAILURE on April 20th!

Tasteful Celebration Slated to Mark Far Right's FAILURE to Put Anti-Gay Measure on IL Ballot

Illinois State Treasurer Candidate to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding

Lesbians and Gays SUPPORT Immigrant Rights: May 1st contingent

Anti-Gay Hate Group to Announce Referendum Filing Today


March in This Year's Gay Pride Parade!

Protest Against the "Ex-Gay" Fraud / Protest Against Exodus International

Photos: Pride

Report on Protest Against the "Ex-Gay" Fraud

STOP the Executions of Gays in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia!

Pics and Report from Demo Against Executions of Gays in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Pro-Gay Forces Protest vs Anti-Gay Bigots Invading Halsted Street

Counter Point to the Gay Games: Chicagoan Reports on Montreal's Out Games

Swan Song for the Illinois Family Institute?: Hate-Gays Group in Turmoil

Another "Kill Gays" Singer Slated for Chicago's House of Blues

Indiana Club Cancels "Kill Gays" Singer After House of Blues Protest

Solidarity Reception For Gay and Lesbian Iranians

Matthew Shepard March and Rally story, pics, also on CAN TV this Sunday

Gays for Daley (NOT!!!)

Repost: Lawmakers to CTA: Take The Fuel!
Congressman, Illinois Lawmakers urge Chicago to accept Venezuela's Discounted Diesel
Chicago leaders urge CTA to accept Citgo offer

Appeals Court: Illinois State Strikebreaker Law Incompatible With Federal Law

Direct Action Gets the Goods! IWW Chicago Victory for Unpaid Worker

Pilsen community speaks out (over gentrification)

Stop gentrificiation in Rogers Park!

Bush Budget: The Impact on Illinois


Teamsters: New Evidence That Chicago Local Officers May Have Stolen Election

Photos from CIW March and Rally - April 1, 2006

Coalition of Immokalee Workers Calls on McDonalds and Chipotle to Guarantee Work with Dignity for Farmworkers in Its Supply Chain

Teamster Local 743 in contested delegate race

San Lucas Workers Center Confronts Paper Source on Labor Injustices

Art Institute wants to set admission fee

Labor Supports Local Immigrant Workers March, Opposes Recent Fed Raids

Religious Leaders Announce Support for May Day Immigrants' March

4/26: Rally to Support Big Box Living Wage Ordinance

Labor group backs May 1 immigration rally

Business Leaders Announce Support for May Day Immigrant March

Food Processing Giant Cargill to Close for May Day Immigrant Rights March

U.S. citizens, non-Hispanics in thick of fight for reform

Paper Source Shills Day Labor Agency

Chicago's First Bike Messenger Collective

Reformers Challenge Hoffa at Teamster Convention; Chicago Worker Richard Berg Assaulted by Mobster

99 Percent of Illinoisans Lose Under Bush Tax Policy

HotHouse Under Attack By Board Faction

Chicago Hotel Workers Gear up for Negotiations

Big Box Living Wage Ordinance Passes in Chicago

Chicagoist: Target yanks two Chicago store plans after big box ordinance

Living wage opponent collects millions from Chicago taxpayers

Chicago Hotel Workers to March on Michigan Ave.

Ag-Mart, McDonald's, and Sweatshops in the Fields

IWW Starbucks Workers Union Expands to Chicago! First store outside New York!

Exciting News and Updates from the Student/Farmworker Alliance!

Action Alert: Override Daley's Veto - Come down to City Hall

Chicago Mayor Rescinds Living Wage for Big Box Employees

Wed. Noon: Affordable Housing Protest at City Hall

Starbucks Gets Wobbly

Latinas protest Salvation Army for workplace discrimination

Amid Union Pressure and Expansion, Starbucks Loosens Purse Strings

Starbucks workers joining IWW in global fight for labor rights

Immigration Goes After Workers Who Won Labor Complaint

504 families at risk of being put out of their homes in Woodlawn

Chicago Tenants Rising Up

Local Chicago workers to stay off the job to support poverty-wage Houston janitors

Illinois State Senate approved increase in state minimum wage


Another Rolando the Clown sighting in Chicago!!

Low-power AM Radio May Soon Emerge

WLUW Kills Broadcast of Progressive News Show


Studs Terkel, Other Prominent Chicagoans Join Together to Challenge AT&T

Chicagoans Protest AT&T For Bringing "Tiers" Privacy, Corruption

Video report - Apple Store anti-DRM protest

Musician Charles Smith Appears As Guest on WRFU 104.5

IL Radio Network locks out Whitney

WXAV Loses Battle with Thunderstorm

Urgent alert about public access TV in Chicago and nationwide

FCC rejects Third Coast Press petition against Chicago TV stations

A useful New Year's Day

Anti-Bush protests in Chicago, January 6

We Have A Michigan Avenue Permit!

DePaul Student Arrested at SOA protest

Rahm Emanuel=Bush? No Meeting with Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan, Unrattled, Denouces Bush and War, Faces Down Hecklers

PICS!! from Cindy Sheehan / Juan Torres M18 Benefit @ the Hot House

Cindy Sheehan and AntiWar Majority Photos

7000 Protest War March 18: Tribune & CBS Stories

M18 Pics

Video on 3-18-06 rally and march

Pics from Humboldt Park, Lincoln Park Feeders and Anarchist March

Thousands Downtown Protest War

Photos: M18

Day Two at Camp 'Bring 'Em Home' Chicago

The Behind-the-Scenes Story on M18

Chicago: Women and War: A First-Hand Perspective

Statewide Peace and Justice Coalition Formed

Local Township to Vote on Iraq War

Peace Advocates "Seize the Day"

FYI: More IL Townships To Vote on War

Iraq War Issues To Be On Ballots

Illinois Capital to Vote on War

Update on March 20, 2003 Anti-War Lawsuit

Case for March 20, 2003 detainees / arrestees wins class-action status

Now Two States Get Bush Impeachment Measures in Legislatures Over Iraq War, Threat to Rights

Bush at McCormick Place Monday May 22 11:30-1:30

FYI: Suburban Press on Antiwar Ballot for Nov 2006

Walk for Justice Enters Chicago Area on June 27

The Walk For Justice Reaches Hines VA Hospital

Bush Burned in Effigy at @ the Taste

Friday, 7-7: Bush's Busy Schedule in Chicago

PHOTOS: Today's Shrub protest

More Photos from Friday's Shrub Protest

Antiwar Billboard on Chicago Skyway

Peace Group Lobbies Lipinski

Interfaith Vigil for Middle East peace held in Lake County

Pics and Summary of Today's Anti-War Protest

4 Iraq Vets and Anarchist Arrested at Pentagon

M19 05 Cases Settled Favorably!

Thursday, Oct 12: Bush in Chicago for Republican Fundraiser

Thursday, Oct 12: Exorcise Bush!

Trib: Anti-Bush protesters hold Loop march

Oct 5 in Chicago

Antiwar bannering by Peace Pledge Chicago

BREAKING NEWS: On Eve of President’s Visit, Protesters Harassed by Police

Uneasy Calm After "Bush" Demon Visitation

Photos from October 12 Bush Exorcism

Photos from Bush Protest

Trial Regarding Police Suppression of Press Conference on 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq Invasion

Line Up for Trial Re: Police Suppression of Anti-War News Conference

Defeat in Civil Liberties Trial

Iraq war refuser speaks on Veterans Day

Blackwater opens facility in NW Illinois

Antiwar Vietnam Vets Mentor Next Generation of Resisters

Impeachment Day Photos

Photos from Impeachment Day

Ex-Star Wars Chief to Charge 9/11 Treason in Chicago

“Turning a Corner:” Changing Attitudes, Confronting Realities of Prostitution

Changing Attitudes, Confronting Realities of Prostitution

911 Truth Movement Descends on Daley

Indie Artists Stand Strong in Their Movement

Chicago Trib: Haymarket Gallows for Sale

The complete Chicago Indymedia live radio webstream from March 18, 2006

Chicago Indymedia videographer records interview with Robert Fisk and Amy Goodman

Chicago Independent Television

From The Trenches

Yippie, Chicago Conspiracy Trial Co-Conspirator Stew Albert: Dead at 66

Memorial of Slain Bicyclist Interrupted by Police: 4 Arrested

Michael Ortiz, Son of Police Accountability Activist May Molina, Dead at 35

Pictures From Protest and Vigil @ Mexican Consulate

Dia de los Muertos Offreda del Brad Will

Account of Arrest at Brad Will/Oaxaca Vigil

Lengthy and good obituary about Brad Will in yesterday's Trib

The Death of Malachi Ritscher

Malachi Ritscher: A Martyr For Peace

Malachi Ritscher's Stand for Civil Liberties

Reportback from Brad Will's Memorial in NYC

Saturday Demo For Malachi and Against the War

Chicagoans remember Malachi Ritscher, protest war

Hearing Malachi

"I Heard You, Malachi" Campaign Demonstrates in Cold

Local Activist Dan Perry Killed in Auto Accident



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