NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago: A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago::
A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

"Humor from My Pen" - March 9 to april 28

Humor from My Pen

Chicago will be hosting 'Humor from My Pen'
– an exhibit of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernåndez (one of the "Cuban Five").

The Exhibit opening is
Friday,March 9, 2012
6pm to 9pm
Calles y Sueños Gallery
    1900 S. Carpenter, Chicago

and will run through April 28, 2012

Breaking News: UPDATE -- Piccolo parents continue to occupy school to oppose privatization to politically connected local firm

Urgent Update from Piccolo Elementary School Occupation
Live stream: http://ustre.am/EfN1 | Twitter follow tbourschoolschi and ctulocal1 | hashtag #piccolo

Undercover and uniformed police enter Piccolo public school occupation while CPS continues to deny parents access to medications and food.

One diabetic parent participating in occupation refuses to leave school despite threat to health.

Countering Hate in Jefferson Park: A Vigil to Support Veteran and Disability Housing (Feb. 21)


When: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Where: 4754 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Countering Hate in Jefferson Park:
A Vigil to Support Veteran and Disability Housing

Jefferson Park, Chicago, IL: Community residents and affordable housing advocates counter-demonstrate against a hate-motivated protest directed towards an affordable housing proposal that will primarily serve low-income veterans, people with disabilities and low-wage families.

Please Say No To Serially Executing Neal Gorsuch

No To Neil Gorsuch,Serially Killing Executioner, Polluters' Pawn

Please call the Senate 202 224 3121 or go to senator websites at http://senate.gov/ to ask for a no vote on Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

Search engines and corporate media have been hiding the many executions of Neal Gorsuch who virtually without exception turned a Caesarian thumbs down to every request for mercy from appealing prisoners from July of 2006 througn 2017.

UAW 9 Honeywell Lockout South Bend IND With UAW Local 9 VP Todd Treder

WW2-7-17 UAW 9 Honeywell Lockout South Bend IND With UAW Local 9 VP Todd Treder
WorkWeek radio looks at the 10 month lockout of the UAW Local 9 Honeywell workers in South Bend, Indiana.
Labor and unions are under an onslaught nationally. Yesterday, the Missouri legislature voted to make the state a right to work. In California at SEIU 1000 a suit is being filed to stop agency shop in California with a likely anti-union Supreme Court new justice.

Steve Mnuchin Who Steals From Widows, Made Off With Madoff Loot

Steve Mnuchin's Purloining Path To Riches Steve Mnuchin, Trump nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, former Goldman Sachs partner, is one of the very few who profited from his association with Bernie Madoff. Estimates range from 2 milliont o over 100 million. He now heads Dune Capital Management.
Untold thousands of widows who thought they were safe in their reverse mortgage
homes for a lifetime found themselves out in the streets because of Mnuchin foreclosures.

McDonald's, The NAACP, WBUR And Allegations Of Racism

WBUR, McDonald's, And Allegations Of Racism

On Feb 2 WBUR's On Point interviewed the director of the movie The Founder about Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's. In the talk show a woman called to say that blacks were shown in the potential McD franchisers meeting. She asked if Ray Kroc had reached out to blacks. Neither the host nor the director knew.

In actuality, the NAACP sued McDonald's many years ago for a franchiser named Griffis who had been redlined in Los Angeles. He was not allowed to buy outlets in white neighborhoods.

Real estate property Investment decision: Turning into Polite Select And Other Hints

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Jeff Sessions: Racist, Cruel, Pro Execution, Pro War, Pro Torture

Why Senate Should Vote Down Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

If after being acquainted with the history, you believe Jeff Sessions, Trump's selection for Attry General, is racist, please call your senator at 202 224 3121 and ask for a no vote on his nomination.

Senator Chris Coons testimony before Congress on Feb 1st and his earlier questions of Sessions can be seen at cspan.org He brought up several of the following points: