IMF Issues Debt and Financial Crisis Warnings

Washington DC - As the Spring World Bank and IMF meetings begin, the IMF issued concerns over unsustainable debt and a possible financial crisis in two reports. African and Latin American debt experts are releasing new analysis of growing debt at the meetings.

"Debt is threatening development in Latin America, it's growing fast and in some cases is beyond sustainable levels," stated Patricia Miranda, Coordinator of Finance for Development at Latindadd.

Somalia Leaders Call for Debt Cancellation

In Somalia, 60 percent of the 15 million person population lives in extreme poverty. According to the United Nations Development Programme almost 10 million people live in extreme poverty or close to poverty in Somalia while the war-torn African nation wrestles with a $4.6 billion debt. On Friday, Somalia's Finance Minister Abdirahman Beileh will call for debt cancellation for humanitarian assistance.

[OUL] Hugh Iglarsh and Charlotte Adelman present: "Barack Obama's Great Tower of Nothing: Gentrification on a Presidential Level"

The Following Alternate Location Has Been Scheduled for this Event:

Join Open University of the Left on Saturday April 20 at 2:30 pm at the Logan Square Branch of the Chicago Public Library 3030 W. Fullerton Ave (cross street: Sacramento). Chicago, free parking, wheelchair accessible (Bus route:74 Fullerton, Blue Line: Logan Square)

Hugh Iglarsh and Charlotte Adelman present: "Barack Obama's Great Tower of Nothing: Gentrification on a Presidential Level."

IMF Warns of Global Financial Crisis Risk

Washington DC - For the second day in a row, the International Monetary Fund raised concerns of pending financial crisis. Ahead of the Spring IMF and World Bank meetings, the IMF released the Global Financial Stability Report, warning of "vulnerabilities" in corporate debt, house values and sovereign (country) debt.

Synthesis: fbi is MAFIA

Synthesis: fbi Is MAFIA & Organized Crime

by gsosbee
Monday, 8th April 2019
Government & Law

See proof by circumstantial evidence that fbi and MAFIA are one and the same.

Police lie for and join in crime spree with fbi assassins and federal magistrate judges.

Paraphysique du chômage

Et moi
Qui suis retraité du chômage
Contre moi, le monde enrage
De tout le monde, je suis l'otage
Staliniens, fascistes, libéraux, démocrates, gauchistes
Et même de faux anarchistes
Donc, en fait, toute la représentation capitaliste
Donc, 30 ans de suite
Mais pas dans les mêmes régions
J'imagine votre fureur et votre consternation
Mais je suis à jour de mes cotisations
Et 5 ans, au moins, sans suite
Donc, à la louche, 35 ans, et un certain mérite
Record de France
Record d'Europe

Fbi through fusion centers corrupts police and local government

Police & ORA update:

Senate Disaster Funding Fails Over Puerto Rico Aid Debate

Washington, DC - On Monday the Senate failed to pass disaster relief funding to benefit Americans impacted by wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters. Republicans and Democrats clashed over recovery aid amounts for Puerto Rico and two separate proposals could not muster enough votes for passage.

My Responsibility

After many years of torture by fbi this report sets forth my duty to the world.

My Responsibility 

My job is to publish my articles,  papers, sworn affidavits, Writ, comments, etc., always truthful in every respect and for the enlightenment of our global village.