My Responsibility

After many years of torture by fbi this report sets forth my duty to the world.

My Responsibility 

My job is to publish my articles,  papers, sworn affidavits, Writ, comments, etc., always truthful in every respect and for the enlightenment of our global village.

Fbi infects Targets with contagious disease

An Horrendous Threat By fbi Against Everyone 

Fbi intentionally infects some Targets with a contagious disease.

One of the most filthy fbi operations that I have ever uncovered during my 45 years of study of fbi is this one:

When the fbi or cia need to force a whistleblower (or other Target) into suicide, they infect that individual with a contagious or infectious disease. 

fbi methods to murder selected Targets

MARCH 25, 2019

fbi Methods to Murder Targets Discretely, such as via Blood Pressure

Over the past several years, the fbi uses a variety of tactics to cause serious bodily injury to, or death of GERAL SOSBEE. These fbi tricks include assaults with bio-chem-viral agents, pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I live, and assaults with high tech weaponry which have resulted in hospital treatments and medical doctors’ examinations.

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La domestication de l'espèce humaine

" Faites nous mouiller la culotte, pas la calotte "

( Slogan sur la pancarte d'une jeune fille, lors de la manifestation du samedi 16 mars, pour le climat, avec environ 65.000 personnes, dont moi, avec mon drapeau d'anarchie, et ce à Paris, et sans doute le meilleur slogan ! )

Fbi corrupts most cops

Fbi corrupts cops all over the world.

From Dallas to LA to Honolulu and Chiungmai to RGV, Texas, the fbi turns most cops against me when fbi operatives attack me.

In large part all police in USA are programmed by fbi to assume the role of ultimate authority in local criminal cases. This means that no one can successfully challenge police routine activities. The following examples are from my personal experience with Texas police in RGV as I am a Target of fbi & fmj death squads.

The Shortwave Report 03/15/19 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,
This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, NHK Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, and Sputnik Radio

From SPAIN- Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards took to the streets on International Womens Day- as the far-right rises in Spain there is worry that modern progress in gender equality may be revoked. Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, living in exile in Brussels, will run for a seat in the European Parliament in May.

Paraphysique de la neuropolitique

" L'atome-monde s'est brisé en fragments, et puis chaque fragment en morceaux plus petits. L'évolution du monde peut être comparée à un feu d'artifice qui vient de se terminer. Quelques mèches rouges, cendres et fumées. Debout sur une escarbille mieux refroidie, nous voyons s'éteindre doucement les soleils et nous cherchons à reconstruire l'éclat disparu de la formation des mondes . "

Georges Lemaître, 1894 - 1966 ( prêtre et mathématicien belge , qui avait le sobriquet de Big Bang Man, qui est devenu aujourd'hui le Big Bang )

[OUL] Dr. Paul Street presents: "Reflections on the Authoritarian Absurdity of the U.S. Constitution and Why it Matters Today."

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Dr. Paul Street presents: "Reflections on the Authoritarian Absurdity of the U.S. Constitution and Why it Matters Today."

Congress, Please Now Ban Iditarod Brutality

Congress, Please Now Ban Iditarod Brutality