The World's 26 Biggest Food Companies Heavily Involved In Animal Slaughter Or Alcohol

The World's 26 Biggest Food Companies

The 26 food companies in the world
a. sell the products of animal slaughter and slavery
b. sell alcohol
c. promote the meat industry (e.g. Archer Daniels Midland)

Corporate media continue to promote animal agriculture with its consequent animal suffering, human disease, environmental destruction and energy waste.

All 26 either sell animal cadavers or stolen eggs and milk, alcohol, or promote the meat industry

Why Isaac Tigrett Founder of Hard Rock Cafes Has Gone From Centimillionaire to Simplicity


A Former Centimillionaire Speaks Of His Spiritual Teacher
Isaac Tigrett, Sai Baba, And The Hard Rock Cafe

Isaac Tigrett as a young man was playing with
his brother. There was an accident and his
brother died. His second brother killed himself.
His parents never spoke again. It took Tigrett
many years to deal with this extreme sadness.

He had had psychic phenomena since the age of 13.
Norman Vincent Peale was a friend of his family
and told his parents not to worry about his psychic abilities.

3 Republican Private Citizens Committed Treason And Became Presidents Waging Illegal Immoral Wars

The political party of the plutocracy deals the tricks of the night.
3 Republican Private Citizens Committed Treason And Became Presidents Waging Illegal Immoral Wars
3 presidents, Bush 1, Nixon, and Trump, committed treason as private citizens in order to
live in the White House. Their crimes also installed Reagan and Ford.

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Oprah's Animal Rights Consciousness Needs Improvement

We remember Oprah Winfrey's words "I'll never eat another burger." after listening to Howard Lyman document widespread Mad Cow in the US, the news of which was suppressed by the CDC, FDA, etc. Winfrey & Lyman were sued by Amarillo cattlemen twice but won both times in the 5th Circuit which ruled the truth is not libelous. Now Oprah has ads for pepperoni pizza. Both cows & pigs are murdered for pepperoni.

Fbi deletes my posts repeatedly


fbi is unworthy,not qualified to arrest /prosecute anyone because fbi are liars, murderers & traitors who hide their own felonies.

The fbi deletes many of my reports, but fbi waits a few days after publication to do so in hopes that I will not notice . Here is the link to the most recently deleted post:


Below is the report which fbi seeks to hide:

A Review of fbi crimed6

Fbi audacious crimes & insanity accepted by most, except me

USDA Withholds Names Of Turkey Companies Spreading Salmonella

The Trump regime's Sonny Perdue, head of the USDA, is not releasing the names of
of companies involved in salmonella outbreak in turkeys this year, an outbreak which has spread to 35 states.
The USDA when Mike Espy headed it did not withhold such information.,The CDC has a history of downplaying diseases of meat and is also involved in the deception.

Many cases have not yet been counted. As of now 212 people have been sickened. That is considered an underestimated figure.


Please Help Mississippians Vote For Mike Espy On Nov 27th

Please let the public know more about the Espy campaign for the Senate. The runoff is Nov 27th.
Democrat and former USDA Secretary Mike Espy is in a runoff on November 27 for the position of senator from Mississippi. Before holding that position he represented Mississippi's second congressional district from 1987 to 1993.

How Trump Is Adding Trillions To The National Debt

Trump Has Increased The National Debt By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars

Deficits rose Republicans Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Trump
They declined under Democrats Clinton and Obama. Now they're increasing.
1. 2 trillion dollar tax cut for corporations and the rich
2. increased spending for illegal wars
3. increased interest rates...more tax money going to international banksters from China, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, Israel, US etc.

Making Holiday Trees Nonviolent


Please Make Your Holiday Tree A Nonviolent One

Over 80% of holiday trees are now not dead ones. Nevertheless CBS and Bloomberg chose to promote the arboricidal live Christmas tree industry.
Christians and holiday enthusiasts: Protect Trees For Christmas. Buy One You Can Use Year After Year
Trees have feelings. Dead Christmas trees in living rooms cause deforestation, eviction of animals and birds from their homes, fires, trash collection expenses, landfill clogging