14 Of Many Ways European Union Can Teach Our Country

In the European Union there are
1 much less privacy violation by government, phone and internet
2 There are more free health care,
3 fewer food ads
and lethal pharmaceutical ads on tv and radio,
4 lower drug costs,
5 healthier more slender people,
6 fewer immoral illegal wars,
7 no prisoner murdering executions,
8 better animal rights laws
9 better environment laws.
10 more prevention of social media corporation, search engine
corporation and computer corporation monopolies

3 States With "Prolife" Governors Have Scheduled Executions For 2021

According to DeathPenaltyInfo.Org's list of upcoming executions,
3 governors who call themselves prolife and who have murdered prisoners before
have scheduled executions in 2021.. They are Kay Ivey of Alabama, Mike DeWine of Ohio and Greg Abbott of Texas.

President Biden and the Democratic party platform have opposed the death penalty. Yet Biden has nominated
executioner Merrick Garland to be US attorney general. If you oppose government murder, please call 202 224 3121

Animal Carving Vivisectors Are Pathologizing Those Opposing Lab Research On The Voiceless

Zoophobe-Psychotic Are Vivisectors

Who Wrote The Plays And Sonnets Attributed To William Shakespeare

Who Wrote The Plays And Sonnets Attributed To William Shakespeare

What do Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin,
Sigmund Freud, Vanessa Redgrave, Derek Jacoby,
St. Germaine, John Adams, Leslie Howard
and countless others have in common?
They all believed that William Shakespeare
was not the author of the plays, sonnets,
and other writings attributed to him.

Why ?

Profiteering, Abuse, Neglect At US Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

In 1968 Antony Armstrong-Jones published a documentary "Don't Count The

Candles" regarding the tragedy of senior confinement.

An 80 year old man was taken against his will to a nursing home.

One scene showed him wistfully looking out the window as his relative left,

one silent tear sliding down his cheek.

38 Varieties Of Hunting Deaths And Accidents

38 Lethal Consequences Of Hunting And Fishing To Hunters, Fishermen, People, Animals

The Vaccine Debate And Illegal Limiitations On Free Speech


Further Vaccine Dangers And Other Dangers To People And Animals

USDA Guidelines: Animal Products That Do Not Require An Import Permit
at the port of entry.
The following are USDA rules whose lack of inspection further endangers
the health of people and animals intrinsically and opens the door for further contamination
of vaccines in both animals
and people. All xenotransplantation (animal ingredients listed with human)
are dangerous with contamination hazards.

More Causes Of Alzheimer's 49 Of Many Of Which Meat Is Worst

Of 49 Of Many Causes Of Alzheimer's, The Worst Is Animal Protein's Homocysteine, Breaking Down Into Amyloid Plaque, Science Daily reported that amyloid plaque clusters occur even in the brains of those in their 20's

William Shakespeare in "Twelfth Night": "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit."

14 Causes Of War, 12 Reasons For Censorship Of Antiwar Workers

14 Of Many Causes Of War
1. different religions' hatred for other faiths
2. racist hatred
3. nationalism
4. petroplutocracy
5. drug lords and kidnappers (within and outside of intelligence services)
6. arms sales and other war profiteering
7. loanshark capitalism
8. empire building.. land acquisition
9. generals and mercenaries attracted to violence
10. generals soldiers and mercenaries attracted to the ego of advancement in the ranks
11. revenge
12. lust (as with Helen of Troy)