Toxic Atkins Diet And Toxic Atkins Foundation

The Toxic Atkins Diet

The Atkins Foundation which promotes the Atkins diet has taken to the airwaves to advertise pizza. The Foundation has had a corrupt relationship with Duke University and with Smithfield, (a corporation now owned by a Chinese company). Smithfield is the world's biggest butcher of pigs.

Problems With Facebook

Facebook is a valuable social networking and action site. It has helped to change the world. Yet there are many problems.

Trump's, Pompeo's, Bolton's, The CIA's and Pentagon's Heinous Treatment Of Venezuela

Trump's, Pompeo's, Bolton's, The CIA's and Pentagon's Heinous Treatment Of Venezuela

Trump continues the illegal violence directed by the CIA and White House against Venezuela as our government violated Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua etc

Jorge Arreaza foreign minister of Venezuela spoke to the UN re US CIA destabilization and coups directed at Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua etc On UN TV (& CSpan 6:30 AM EST Jan 28 2019)

Agressologie totalitaire

Ainsi donc, en 1916, pendant 303 jours
Soldats français et soldats allemands, pourtant pas pour
Une boucherie, un carnage, des restes humains, autour
Verdun avec sur vingt kilomètres
60 millions d'obus tirés en dix mois
Toute mémoire a du mal à l'admettre
Mais la réalité ne peut s'en démettre
Amnésie confusionnelle de l'effroi
Quand de toute raison, il fait froid
Et le premier mars 1916, une anecdote
Un certain caporal de Gaulle fut blessé
Oui, il fut fait prisonnier

141 Ways Trump Kills & Harms Animals:

141 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals People Birds Fishes Butterflies Bees The Watershed and Mother Earth

Trophy hunter Navy Seal Ryan Zinke has resigned from the Dept. of Interior in the midst of 17 investigations about his corruption in selling public land to oil, mining and other interests.

The lawless Wild West prevails in the Trump Zinke regime, from the animals Trump has bombed in 6 countries to the fishes strangling in nets Trump & Zinke have killed millions of animals.

Affiliates of Hilton Hotel. CBS & Gray TV Affiliate Are Advertising Bloody Fur

Affiliates of Hilton Hotel. CBS & Gray TV Affiliate Are Advertising Bloody Fur

Please take action to boycott Hilton hotels,
Gray TV sponsors, WOIO Channel 19 in Cleveland,
for advertising or sponsoring the sales of
bloody fur.

Both Hilton Hotel affiliates and
Crowne Plaza Hotel affiliates
have advertised furs this month
on WOIO, a CBS affiliate in Cleveland Ohio.

Why Progressives Oppose The Nomination Of Kamala Harris As President

Senator Kamala Harris Democrat from California has announced she is running for president. Here are some reasons to oppose her nomination.
Senator Kamala Harris is running for president and has had 2 secret meetings with AIPAC (US based pro Netanyahu lobby group).
She also twice addressed an AIPAC convention. She has broken Bernie Sanders' record for contributions in 1 day. She has received
money from many supporters of Netanyahu violence. Harris' candidacy is being pushed by corporate media anchors who support Netanyahu.

100 Ways The Military And Civilians Abuse Animals

Animals are enslaved in war
1. for food
2 as bomb carriers (dolphins forced into suicide bombing by US Navy)
3a to be blown apart as minesniffers
3b those who've survived have been left
behind by the Pentagon
4. to pull heavy carts... even in 2019 donkeys are used in Afghanistan military campaigns
5. to carry messages as carrier pigeons did in WW2

Teachers at Old Town School of Folk Music Win Historic Union Vote

Overwhelming majority of teaching artists elect to join Illinois Federation of Teachers


January 16, 2019

CHICAGO – At a celebration this evening, teachers from the Old Town School of Folk Music announced that votes have been tallied and an overwhelming majority have elected to form a union, joining the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Partial List Of Vegan, Vegetarian And Fruitarian Athletes

A small fraction of the vegan, vegetarian and fruitarian athletes
in the world: