What remains after you're done America



Those of us wrongly targeted for death globally by fbi/cia/federal magistrate judges ,et al, leave an indelible & exclamatory
mark on world history: you, America, have eradicated for money power & sick idiology the very best of the human species. You reach around the world with psychopaths & assassins to torture and kill us arbitrarily and insanely.

I and many other Targets once believed in and defended you, but now your evil ways have gone too far.

Matthew Whitaker, An Unconstitutional Appointment By An Illegitimate President

Matthew Whitaker failed as a US attorney, failed to win elections, is guilty of corporate fraud, promoted the presidential campaign of the nation's most prisoner murdering governor in history.In the few days

he's been in office he has limited the rights of asylum, removed preexisting conditions, and in other ways acted as an unconstitutional and unrecognized authority. He is violating the law of deputy attorney general succession.

[OUL] Now Up on YouTube, Dr. Anthony DiMaggio, "The 2018 Election and Populism in the Era of Trump"

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Education is The Backbone OF A Nation mtr

Education is The Backbone OF A Nation

<A HREF="http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2017/01/24/mayor-rahm-emanuel-flaked-out-on-the-womens-march-on-chicago">too big to march</A>

[OUL] Dr. Anthony DiMaggio at Open University of the Left

Join Open University of the Left on Saturday November 10 at 2:30pm at the Lincoln Park Public Library 1150 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago (cross street Sheffield), free pDr. Anthony DiMaggio presents: The 20arking, wheelchair accessible (Bus route: 74 Fullerton, Red Line: Fullerton)

18 Election and Populism in the Era of Trump

Philippines – Duterte 2 Years on: Destructive, Divisive, and Despotic

When Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency in 2016, some even among the left toyed early on with the idea that a “maverick” president could just be what the country needed to stir things up, and jolt us from almost 30 years of elite-dominated rule.

Trump Keeps Adding To US Deficit: He Has Already Increased It By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars

Trump Has Increased US Deficit By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars

73 Ways The Republican Party Is The Party Of More Cruelty To Animals



Whether one is Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Republican or other, the Republican Party is the party of the most animal cruelty. Please in November vote out every Republican congressman and those Republican senators among the third of the Senate up for reelection.


Veterans Administration For Vets

This report supports VA in efforts to stop fbi attacks on vets.

VA is aware that fbi intentionally aggravates service connected injuries of veterans returning home from war, especially to imprison or to force vets into suicide or to assassinate them as a part of the extermination program.

VA seeks to assist such vets

Vets suffering from PTSD are particularly vulnerable to fbi psyops, provocations and attacks by DEW and ELF .

The fbi assassins and federal judges are on a roll of murderous criminality unprecedented in human affairs.

88 Of Myriad Categories Of Republican Vote Fraud And Election Theft

88 Of Myriad Categories Of Republican Vote Fraud And Election Theft:


Types Of Republican Vote Fraud, Election Theft