Boyd Rice Shut Down in Chicago


On June 24th 2013, antifascists shut down a show featuring American Noise musician Boyd Rice. The show was supposed to take place at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Contrary to his tough guy internet talk, Boyd did not leave the safety of the venue one single time. Because of this, antifascists had to move to the next best thing. At around ten thirty, as Boyd Rice took the stage, a smoke device was let off bringing the show to an immediate end, as confirmed by multiple sources.

Boyd Rice has a long history as a neo-Nazi, a racist, and as a mysogynist who has advocated rape. He can be quoted saying "I don't think women deserve the same rights as men. I don't think women are on an equal footing with men. I think they're totally different creatures. I think the world operated better when they had less say over how the way things went, had less control". We think that all hosting venues should cancel this show immediately, and we are asking others to help make that happen by calling in and explaining just who Boyd Rice is.

More heinous info on rice can be found here:

Rice's tour is not over. He is performing in several venues across the North America (see here up until June 29th

Remaining tour dates:

Tuesday June 25th @The Crofoot
1 South Saginaw
Pontiac MI 48342
Phone: 248.858.9333
Fax: 248.858.9322

Wednesday June 26th @Parts and Labour
1566 Queen St. W. Toronto M6R 1A6 416 588 7750 // - See more at:

Friday June 28th @ TT Bear Cambridge, MA
617 492-BEAR

Sat June 29th @285 Kent Avenue New York, NY, US


was in attendance at the show last night [to see the headlining band cold cave] and found this article when searching to see if the smoke that had happened was part of boyd rice's "show" or if it was a fire at the venue that was contained.

i'd like to add that the show was NOT brought to an immediate end after the smoke began. from my recollection, he took the stage at about 1020pm and exited the stage from his set at about 1040pm. the smoke had started very shortly after his set began. cold cave was scheduled to start at 11pm, so i don't know if his set was intended to be that short but i certainly did not get the impression that it ended because of the smoke device considering his set continued for probably 15+minutes after the smoke had started. he did join cold cave for their set as it appears he has done for the duration of the tour.

i'm all for independent media, but certainly not when it reports false information, allegedly verified by "multiple sources."

also, thank you SO MUCH to whoever set off the smoke device for scaring the shit out of me and making me momentarily panic, thinking the building might be on fire. nothing like terrifying bystanders at a show in a failed attempt to send a message that fascism and misogynism will not be tolerated. there are better ways to get that message across than shock tactics and you know that.

and before any insults have a chance to be lobbed my way, i want to make it clear that i do not support boyd rice [and absolutely neither support nor agree with what i know of his apparent views] and was very disappointed with his inclusion on the tour. his set was hands down the worst set by any artist i've ever endured.

there was no disruption in the performance. a smoke bomb did indeed go off, but the performance continued on unimpeded. boyd played his full set. your "multiple sources" are completely bogus.

Free speech blows, I love living in North Korea with you people.

The above is completely false information. I was at the concert and the event went on as scheduled and was unmolested by attempts to censor it. There was a 'smoke bomb' set off by an individual (who presumably ran off rather than make any sort of informative statement) in the men's bathroom, but most in the crowd assumed it was part of the show and paid no heed. Some I talked to after the show actually felt the smoke was a nice touch from Boyd. Quick thinking Empty Bottle staff merely opened a venue door and the censorship attempt was halted. Boyd played his entire opening set and supported Cold Cave, all as planned.

Show was not shut down by the smoke bomb. To the contrary, the show went on. Stop your keyboard warrior fantasy.

looks like a pretty complete set by boyd to me.

I was there on the 24th at the Boyd Rice show. No one was evacuated. In fact it just added to the experience. Total War in a building covered in smoke was badass. Your a bunch of idiotic liars. Grow up.

Boyd Rice's set was great. There was no interruption and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. You may want to double check your information before posting it incorrectly on the Internet. You look like an idiot. The "smoke bomb" was a part of the set used during a song. Nobody evacuated. He even went on to play with Cold Cave 20 minutes later.


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