Prochoice or Antiabortion


I've never had an abortion. My first pregnancy ended in a 6th month placenta
breakaway from which I lost consciousness. Luckily as I was hemorrhaging
I happened to be in an emergency room. After that, my inner plumbing destroyed,
I was never presented with the choices many women must make.

I think of a woman who was left in a shack with 9 children, no money, no car and no food while her husband took off with a woman, or of the man who doesn't want the woman he was having an affair with, who is pregnant, to have a 'love' child whose presence
would always remind his wife of his infidelity or a medical student who finds herself pregnant while in medical school.. having the baby would mean she had to drop out.

I have a friend who had 3 abortions.. she went to a psychic who
knew nothing about her.. the woman said 'i see a soul has knocked
on your door 3 times' the 4th time you will let him in'.. and my friend began
to weep silently.. knowing she had not prevented but only delayed
an entry onto the human stage.

Polls in the past have found a majority supported the right of women to have
a first trimester abortion... it was mixed for 2nd trimester
and a majority opposed third trimester abortion.. when the baby
is viable outside the body (perhaps any time from the 5th month

Our planet is in trouble because our 7 billion or more people
are deforesting the planet, polluting the seas.. it seems that
the billionaires making $ as drug dealer vaccine company executives
have designed the covid19 vax to sterilize... men have lower sperm
counts after a jab while many women are having stillborns and Dr Michael
Yeadon retired Pfizer vice president petitioned the European Union
to withdraw Pfizer vaccines saying it destroys the placenta.
Pfizer sterilized and paralyzed African women without their knowledge or consent
with an alleged tetanus vaccine which contained an antifertility chemical.
the anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin. Pfizer paid a paltry
75 million to fines. Several hundred thousand Africans were given the 'vaccine'.

It is not male priests, rabbis and pastors, male legislators, male doctors
who should have the power to ban abortions. Women can die in childbirth or
of complications in pregnancy. No woman should be required to take a chance on dying
in order to continue in a pregnancy.

Pope Francis, with the most extreme of views, states that
contraception is sinful. In a world threatened by extinction
because of deforestation as wild woods are bulldozed to make wood
for new houses, room for new developments, or toilet paper, such
a pronouncement threatens the planet.

Christians tend to believe there is one life only. Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and
others believe in reincarnation. Either way whatever one thinks of the morality
of abortion or of eating the flesh of murdered animals, as of this state in our
human race's evolution, the choice is the individual's. Women have the right to
control their life choices, and not to have them decided for them by men.

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