Branded Watches Light Types & Differences

John Azam

Backlit clock
When choosing a watch, future owners will certainly look at what the mechanism is worth, what the case and glass are made of, what kind of material is the strap or bracelet. The question of which clock illumination is better arises less often. Meanwhile, the performance of this function is seriously different in the models of different watch brands. We will tell you which backlit watches are comfortable to wear every day in the city, which ones will illuminate your path on a camping trip, and which ones will pierce the water column with their powerful light when scuba diving.

Luminescent clock illumination
Back in the 19th century, Swiss craftsmen came up with a way to preserve the readability of the dial of a pocket watch in the dark - the hands and indices were treated with a luminous substance, barium sulfide. Today, luminescent watch illumination is found in the collections of TAG Heuer , Breitling , Corum and other leaders in the watch industry like citizen Manufacturers process indexes, hands and watch bezels with light-accumulating compounds.

In 1993, the Japanese company Nemoto introduced a light-accumulating composition (phosphor) based on strontium aluminate. Prior to this, zinc sulfide served as the basis for phosphors for the most part. The novelty was ten times brighter and longer than its predecessors, in addition, it was non-toxic and economical - the pigment did not fade for years. The composition was named Luminova. The phosphor was "recharged" from contact with light waves 200-400 nm long, the initial color was green. In 1998, industrial production was launched, and in 2000, an improved version of SuperLuminova was released - one of the most popular watch lights today like

Cozy green glow

Twice as bright as the 1993 SuperLuminova, this backlit watch is a favorite among divers. The dial markers, treated with a phosphor, are perfectly readable at any depth. A striking example is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch , which has already become a classic piece of equipment for the diving enthusiast. Faceted indexes and hands of the model are covered with white SuperLuminova. The glow time from the moment of contact with the light source is 6-12 hours. In this case, the watch will not go out at once - the backlight brightness will decrease evenly every hour. A watch with such illumination is suitable for deep diving and for a long evening walk.

LED clock
LED watches are popular for their convenience and their bright light. It is enough to press one button on the case and small LEDs located along the entire diameter will evenly illuminate the entire dial. In the famous G-Shock collection of the Japanese brand Casio , there are many models with LED-illumination, which are activated intuitively - in low light, just turn your hand and it will turn on itself.

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