Activists confront Aldermanic Black Caucus at City Hall

Hyde Park Herald

As members of the Aldermanic Black Caucus praised the Obama Foundation for its selection of minority-owned construction firms that will assist in building the Obama Center in Jackson Park, south side activists that are pushing for a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) drowned out their words with chants calling for a CBA.

A CBA is a contract signed by community groups and a real estate developer that requires the developer to provide specific amenities and development to the local community or neighborhood.

Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) and Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) gave remarks during a press conference at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle, ahead of the full chamber meeting for the Chicago City Council on Jan. 17. While the aldermen were speaking, members of the Obama Library South Side Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) Coalition chanted “CBA! CBA! CBA!”, “Get it in writing!” and “You should be ashamed!”

The Coalition is calling for jobs to be set-aside for people in the community, protection for affordable housing and homeowners, support for and help with the creation of black-owned businesses, and help with strengthening neighborhood schools.

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