Parents Increasingly Oppose Schools' Indoctrination Of The Meat Culture

As the number of vegans multiplies, the icebergs of school indoctrination in meat are melting.

Increasingly parents are opposing the meat and dairy industry propaganda in school text books, school lunches, tv ads etc.
Most children love animals. Many when they realize the source of meat refuse to eat it.

Parental lies begin programming their children:

Lie 1:. "You need protein" In reality, most Americans eat too much protein requiring
the kidneys to work overtime shearing off nitrogen and creating ammonia. Animal protein consumption is the chief cause of kidney dialysis.
Carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per pound.

India has 500 million vegetarians and 800 million not eating cow flesh. It is the 2nd most populous nation in the world. China which historically has had little meat until the 20th century is the most populous nation. These 2 countries also have the most PhD's per capita. Lack of animal protein has been a blessing for brain development. The homocysteine in animal protein which becomes amyloid plaque blocking the brain arteries is the chief cause of Alzheimer's (dementia, senility).
The purest protein comes from nuts, seeds, peas, beans, and many other vegan foods.

Lie 2:. "Meat is the way God designed the world" From Genesis 1:29 in the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita, nonviolent diet references are manifest.

Christian vegans
Muslim vegetarians
Buddhist vegetarians
Hindu vegans and vegetarians

Lie 3:

. "Animals don't have souls". Theists believe that the soul survives after death.
Dogs have died of grief at the graves of their masters.

The chief cause of childhood cancer is
consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy.
Links in the adrenaline secreted by terrified animals are not entirely broken by cooking. To eat meat or fish is to eat the anger, the terror of creatures fighting for their lives. Playground violence is more frequent among nonvegetarian children.

Because of the power of butcher, dairy, factory farm industries, the truth is seldom heard on CSpan, NPR, CBS, Sinclair, Gray TV stations (3rd largest network of radio stations), NBC, ABC Disney etc. Instead Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein etc. appropriate money for animal torture in laboratories.

How vegan vegetarian and fruitarian parents can fight this programming:

1. monitor the textbooks and video materials given the students
2. encourage children to report what teachers say about food
3. monitor the cafeteria food (97% of all food poisoning fatalities annually come from meat, fish and eggs.)
4. Oppose biology dissection.
5. Support an end to federal promotion of animal flesh and products which occurs in school lunch programs, dairy subsidies, rancher subsidies, food assistance stamps, meals on wheels etc.
6. Several times more people die annually of meat, fish, eggs and dairy than of smoking. Cigarette ads are banned on our public airwaves. It is time to ban even more lethal ads for dead animal body parts and stolen animal products. PBS has 200 cooking shows featuring meat and dairy. The Scripps Network's Food Network constantly runs animal product programming. Cartoons continue the assault on children.

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