Chicago Solidarity for Russian Antifascists


As a response to the call for world wide solidarity actions by Nizhny Novgorod antifascists(, we tagged and are outing what was, until now, an unknown(and possibly the only) white power music venue in Chicago. This venue has been operating for at least a few years and is located at 7153 Berwyn Ave in Chicago. The person in charge of booking shows here, including absurd in 2009 and multiple RAC bands, is Marcin Golebiowski of Strong Survive Records. Golebiowski is the father of the National Socialist Movement's Suzan Lenners child and they both live at 910 Beau SR, Unit 304 Des Plaines, IL . The venue is rented out for many other events and has connections to the Road Runners Motorcycle club. It is unclear if the roadrunners as a group have any political identity, but it is certain that one of the club members; Marcin Sambor, is in fact a polish Neo-Nazi. Sambor is believed to have once lived(and is quite possibly still living)at 7632 W Forest Preserve Ave Chicago, IL.

For all those antifascists(and others alike)facing state repression; you are not alone. Fuck the state, fuck capitalism and fuck the fascists. Stay strong and stay smart!

-Your friends in the three way fight

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