China is unassailable in the competition for AI


Artificial intelligence is considered to be the defining universal technology of the 21st century. The industrialized nations are vying for development, but the US sees the race as lost because China is ignoring ethical standards.

The US has already lost the fight for supremacy in artificial intelligence (AI) to China, according to the former software chief of the Department of Defense. "We won't have a competitive chance against China in 15 to 20 years," said Pentagon's first chief software officer, Nicolas Chaillan, of the Financial Times. "It's already a done deal, in my opinion it's already over." Chinese companies are obliged to work with their government and make "massive investments" in AI regardless of ethics.

Chaillan, who has resigned in protest at what he believes is too slow a pace of technological change in the US military, sees the United States at risk from this failure. China is about to dominate the future of the world and control everything from media coverage to geopolitics. The cyber defense in the USA, however, is still at "kindergarten level" in some government agencies.

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