October 27, 2014 Radio-Internet Interview: Jonathon Brandmeier and Cris Ericson

Cris Ericson
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Cris Ericson appeared October 28, 2014 Monday
on The Jonathon Brandmeier Show
from Chicago,
radio and internet 312-521-8581,
Producer Andy Taylor

She verbally wrestled with Jonathon Brandmeier for
an opportunity to read from a 1944 magazine, just one
paragraph written by a girl, age 16 at the time,
who was born in Chicago.

Senior Scholastic Vol 44 NO. 15 Combined Edition
MAY 15-20, 1944
Page 3
"For What Are the Negroes Fighting?"
By Marry Francis Butler, Age 16, Born in Chicago in 1927.
She received First Prize, Current Events Award.
She is discussing World War II, started on December 7, 1941
when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
"What are you Negroes fighting for?
Aren't you segregated and discriminated against
in America?
Aren't you denied the right to fight on equal terms
with your white countrymen?
Aren't you insulted, cheated, and oppressed
by the very country for whom you are fighting?
Aren't you lynched and burned at the stake
and your bleeding bodies left hanging in the breeze
as your white tormenters march away, singing,
'My Country 'Tis of Thee'?
What are you Negroes fighting for?"

The article goes on in a more positively optimistic note,
but Radio-Internet talk show host Jonathon Brandmeier
would not have any more of it, and cut Cris Ericson off.

Eventually she was given a chance to explain that she
is a candidate for President of the United States of America
in 2016 and that we need to take care of our own problems
here at home,
before we try to control the interactions of the
Kurds and the Sheeites and the Sheiks and the Sunnis.

Cris Ericson is on the official election ballot in Vermont
for two offices, one state and one federal, which is legal in Vermont.
Cris Ericson is running for Governor and for Representative
to the United States Congress.

She has appeared on two television debates as a candidate
for Governor, and two as a candidate for U.S. Congress.

Cris Ericson explained to Jonathon Brandmeier that she is
opposing incumbent Democrat U.S. Congressman Peter Welch,
and one reason is that he voted to lower food stamps (SNAP
Program) by 1%, which means that poor children, senior citizens
and vulnerable disabled people will go 1% of 365 days, meaning
3.65 days a year without food.

Cris Ericson believes that President Barack Obama has had no right
to use Drone Strikes in foreign countries, killing innocent children,
and that he should be Impeached.

Her way forward with this impeachment plan is to get elected
next Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 as an independent candidate for
U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, and then if the
political party which receives the majority of seats in the
House of Representatives wants her to vote along with them,
then she'll tell them they have to make her Speaker of the House
first. As Speaker of the House she can initiate Impeachment
proceedings against President Barack Obama for Drone Strikes
killing innocent children in countries where the U.S. Congress
has not voted to go to war.

Cris Ericson is determined to take government away from the
control of Corporations. She dressed up as "Pirate Captain Cris Ericson",
dressed in full Pirate gear, on a Vermont PBS televised debate
Oct. 23 which will re-air today on Vermont PBS extra channels.
U.S. House Debate - Vermont PBS Election 2014
In this U.S. Congress debate, Cris Ericson stated that because
the U.S. Supreme Court
wrote an Opinion declaring that Corporations
are "persons" and because the U.S. Congress
did not Impeach them, which the U.S. Congress
had the legal right to do, then, that proved
the U.S. Congress is in favor of Corporations
being "persons" and she -
Pirate Captain Ms. Cris Ericson,
is going to "take back" America away from the control of
Corporations and give it back to We, the People.

Please contact The Jonathon Brandmeier Show for a link to
today's (Oct. 27, 2014) radio interview, more like verbal wrestling,
with Cris Ericson.
The Jonathon Brandmeier Show
from Chicago,
radio and internet 312-521-8581,
Producer Andy Taylor

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