UCMC protests, four arrests prompt rapid response from supporters

Chicago Maroon

The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) broke up a demonstration at the new hospital building on Sunday, arresting and pressing misdemeanor criminal trespassing charges on four of the participants, including a University graduate student, a College alum, and a minor. The demonstration was in protest of the lack of an adult trauma care facility at the UCMC in light of the $700 million spent by the University on the Center for Care and Discovery.

The ordeal prompted STOP member and seventh-year anthropology graduate student Duff Morton to write a petition demanding that the University explain the violence perpetrated against the protesters by UCPD officers, drop the charges on the arrested, and increase communication with the community regarding the protest and trauma center. Since Morton posted the petition on change.org Sunday evening, it has received over 1,100 signatures.


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