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Primero de Mayo - May Day 2006 in Chicago

Primero de Mayo=May 1st, International Workers' Day — Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores — honors the historic struggle in 1886 for the eight hour work day and the anarchist labor organizers at its core who were murdered by the state the following year. That epic battle for workers' rights and dignity was in large part carried out by immigrant workers. Now, 120 years later, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers will return to the city streets on May Day to demand full justice, equality and dignity for undocumented workers threatened with criminalization and deportation by anti-immigrant legislation now being debated in the US House and Senate.

The Chicago mobilization is part of a nationally coordinated day of action: El Gran Paro Americano 2006 - Un dia sin immigrante The Great American Boycott … A Day without Immigrants. The call appeals for a national boycott and strike — no work, no school, no buying, no selling — on May 1. Currently more than one hundred May Day actions are scheduled in sixty cities across the U.S. In Chicago, the Movimiento 10 de Marzo (March 10th Movement), a multinational coalition of community and labor groups, will sponsor a 10:00 AM rally in Union Park, followed by a unified mass march past historic Haymarket Square to Grant Park. [ See the CIMC razor wire above for a list of specific actions, feeder marches and contingents. ] Read: Support Builds for Immigration Protests, Boycott, Kari Lydersen, The New Standard

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    M1 Online Resources: Workers Defense Committee - March 10th Movement Hotline: PDF Flyer | Posters | NBN PDF Brochure: El Primero de Mayo - Mayday and Beyond | Song: El Primero de Mayo [ mp3 ] | ACLU Resource Page on Worker, Immigrant and Student Rights

    Local Organizing Projects: CAAAELII Coalition | Chicago Federation of Labor | Centro Sin Fronteras | Latino Union/Union Latina de Chicago | Chicago Workers Collaborative | Industrial Workers of the World | Illinois Coaltion for Immigrant and Refugee Rights | Niezalezne Stowarzyszenie Studentow w Chicago

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