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Pakistani Community to Protest Against Obama

Angry at Barack Obama's recent threat to attack their home country, members of Chicago's Pakistani-American community will protest a scheduled visit by Obama tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 7th) to the Devon Avenue neighborhood.
The protest will begin assembling at 11 AM at the corner of Devon Avenue and Rockwell Avenue (3400 W.) in advance of Obama's visit to Mysoor Restaurant at 12 noon.

Already known as O'bomb'em by some peace activists for his advocacy of bombing Iran a few years ago, Barack Obama has attempted to adopt the mantle of being anti-war as the Iraq occupation grows increasingly unpopular. Peace activists note, however, that with only one exception, he has voted for every single one of Bush's Iraq War funding bills since he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Tomorrow's Devon Avenue protest is organized and sponsored by Ifti Nasim, Editor in Chief of the Weekly Pakistan news and host of the weekly Sargam Radio program which airs on WSBC 1240 AM and WCFJ 1470 AM on Sundays from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Another protest against all of the visiting Democratic Presidential candidates will take place at 4 PM, Tuesday, August 7 (see links below for details).



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