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Chicago journalist and anti-Olympics activist Martin Macias deported from Canada

You have no rightsFrom the newswire: "Martin Macias, Jr., a credentialed freelance journalist who contributes to, the online and new media outlet for Chicago Public Radio, was turned back from the Canadian border late Saturday night.

"[Macias] was a lead organizer for No Games Chicago, the all-volunteer citizens group that opposed the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics. [Macias] was part of the No Games delegations that went to the International Olympic Committee's international headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and then to Copenhagen, Denmark to deliver materials documenting the reasons why Chicago should not have been awarded the games. [Macias] was an invited guest a conference critical of the 2010 Vancouver games and the Olympic industry."

Quoting Macias: "I was in the passport line in Vancouver and I told them I was a radio journalist and a student a Malcolm X College. The agent put a big circle and x on my ticket. I was pulled out the line and questioned aggressively for two hours. They wanted to know what I was going to do in Vancouver, who i was meeting with, who organized the conference and what they looked like. They took all my contact information and business cards of journalists and other people I was to connect with while in Vancouver." When Macias demanded to know what his rights were, he was told: "You don't have any." Read more

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