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City Officials (again) Challenge Activist Rights to March on War's Anniversary

Fight for your right to protest!Peace and immigrant rights activists won an unprecedented victory in Chicago's Adminstrative Law Court to secure a permit to hold a parade against the war, scheduled for March 14. However, city officials quickly responded back by filing an emergency motion of appeal with barely a day's notice.

A subsequent hearing in Circuit Court resulted in a stalemate of sorts. From the newswire: "What happened today could best be described as us having dodged a bullet. It was not a victory, but fortunately it was not a defeat either. Even though we had no real lawyer and less than 24 hours to prepare, the City attempted to get the judge to rule today on their emergency motion, and hence completely screw us. They were playing very, very dirty. Fortunately the judge told them, at least for now."

A follow-up hearing is scheduled for Monday, February 9, at 2pm at (Room 1107 of the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street), where the presiding judge may hear arguments from attorneys about the merits of this "Emergency Motion". Whether or not activists win the fight over the motion will determine whether or not activists maintain their victory.

Additional Coverage: Chicago vs. anti-war activists, year VII | Video from Press conference - Hearing on Permit for Chicago 6th Anniversary March for Peace (Feb. 3, 2009)


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