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Elvira Arellano case to go to Supreme Court

elvira_arellano.jpg20 June 2007

The Centro Sin Fronteras and Adalberto United Methodist Church announced the filing of petition to the US Supreme Court to stop the deportation of Elvia Arellano. A statement released at the press conference read: "This nation has operated a system of undocumented labor for decades to its own benefit and must now take responsibility for the families that were formed here and the children who were born here. To do less is an abdication of responsibility, an attack on basic family values…and the continuation of unspeakable cruelty and suffering for children and families."

The petition calls for what many Republican congressfolk have often demanded, for the US government to take responsibility for its actions in the immigration arena and recognize there are permanent consequences to decades of selective enforcement of immigration policy. The announcement of the brief was made in the context of the growing movements for amnesty and integration of undocumented immigrants in the United States and included prominent figures in both the Chicago and New York branches of the Sanctuary Movement.

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