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DePaul Denies Norman Finkelstein Tenure

FinkelsteinUpdate: DePaul Students Sit-In for Academic Freedom

June 11 - Upset over DePaul University’s denial of tenure to Professors Norman Finkelstein, and Mehrene Larudee, and after a meeting between 30 student leaders and DePaul President Fr. Dennis Holtschneider at his office, students have taken action to defend academic freedom which is under attack at the nation’s largest Catholic institution. After an unsuccessful meeting where their demands were ignored by the administration, DePaul students are continuing their sit-in overnight and through this week at the President’s office and plan to escalate action among the student body. Read More

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After a months-long tenure fight, DePaul University has denied tenure to DePaul assistant professor of political science Norman Finkelstein. The announcement was made in a four-page letter written by DePaul president Dennis Holtschneider on June 8, 2007.

Finkelstein, a longtime critic of Israeli policies in occupied Palestine and the author of five books, faced a heated tenure review effort when "the University [came] under sustained pressure from pro-Israel groups who have slandered Finkelstein because of his criticism". DePaul student organizers are meeting to decide on a course of action, and report that an appeal to the DePaul faculty council is possible. Full Story

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