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Living Wage Big Box Ordinance Passes in Chicago Over Fierce Corporate Opposition

Jon BurgeOn Wednesday, the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance that will require Big Box retailers to pay workers a living wage — an initiative that economic justice activists say hails a new day in the battle to get large corporations like Wal-Mart to scale back their exploitation of workers.

After a fierce months-long battle between supporters and opponents of the effort, the Chicago City Council voted 35 to 14 to approve the ordinance. The veto-proof majority represents a rare departure by aldermen from the wishes of Mayor Daley, who has vigorously opposed the initiative. The new ordinance mandates a $10 minimum hourly wage and $3 an hour in fringe benefits, with annual indexing for inflation for big box retail stores of 90,000 feet and up that have gross annual sales of $1 billion. Full story.


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