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10/23/11 PHOTOS: Thousands march, 100+ arrested at Occupy Chicago protest
05/03/11 May Day 2011 photos
04/06/11 Lessons for Chicagoans on direct action, people power and the battle against corporations
02/23/11 Emanuel 'mandate' is a big fat lie
02/04/11 Hundreds protest in solidarity with Egyptian revolution
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09/25/10 Re: Chicago Press Conference Protests FBI Raids - Labor Beat on YouTube
05/31/10 Re: Israelis Kill At Least Two, Injure Dozens in Assault on Gaza Ship Convoy Carrying Humanitarian Aid
02/16/10 Re: PHOTOS: Hundreds protest Obama 'surge' in Afghanistan
02/12/10 Re: From the Burkha to the Thong: Everything Must, and Can, Change! WE NEED TOTAL REVOLUTION A Talk by Sunsara Taylor
02/10/10 Re: No Games Chicago Organizer, Martin Macias Deported From Canada
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10/23/11 Occupy Chicago protest, 10-22-11
02/03/11 Audio interview from the ground with independent photojou...
06/25/10 6-25-10 center panel
06/17/10 Gaza protest
06/17/10 gaza protest
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10/23/11 Thousands march in second weekend mass mobilization for Occupy Chicago
03/09/09 Tuesday memorial for beloved Guatemalan activist Jose Ruiz Maya
03/21/08 Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many
10/23/07 Progressive Dissidents Win Teamsters Election In 12-Year Battle Against Corruption
09/05/07 In Memoriam: Anti-War Vietnam Veteran and Labor Activist Bill Davis


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