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Vigil honors May Molina anniversary

Vigl for May Molina[permalink] On May 26, 2005, some 30 community represenatives held a vigil at the 19th Precinct police station at Belmont and Western where, one year earlier, community activist May Molina had died while in police custody.

Molina, active in Chicago's anti-police-brutality movement and a co-founder of Families of the Wrongly Convicted, was held in custody shortly after police raided her home on May 25, 2004, on alleged drug possession charges. Molina, a diabetic with assorted health problems, died when police did not allow Molina access to her medications.

May's son, Michael Ortiz, was also arrested in the raid and held by police, though charges against Michael were ultimately dismissed. In response, Michael is suing the Chicago Police on charges of false arrest. A police "investigation" into May's death is supposed to be finished by the end of June 2005. Read more

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