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Protests Counter Police Intimidation to Mark 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

M19Thousands of Chicagoans marched and rallied across Chicago on March 19, 2005, to commemorate the second anniversary of the beginning of Bush's war on Iraq, and to protest the continuing occupation and its lethal consequences at home and aborad. Feeder marches spanned the city, helping protesters get out a message that police fought to suppress in the central city.

Protesters at Michigan and Oak faced a wall of riot cops -- part of the police policy to derail any opposition to the war in prominent public places, including a press conference. Besides pushing peaceful protesters west from Michigan, cops dispersed at least one feeder action with threats of mass arrests and designated Michigan Avenue a no-free-speech zone. Protesters got their message out anyway, through the neighborhood feeders and individual flyering by those able to dodge the police lines. A rally at the Federal Plaza was packed to overflowing.

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