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US Launches Falluja Offensive - Chicago's Anti-War Movement Back in the Streets

Protest at Federal Plaza On Sunday, US occupation forces launched a major ground offensive against the beseiged Iraqi city of Fallujah. - demolishing one hospital, seizing another and pummeling neighborhoods throughout the city - in an all out effort to crush the Iraqi resistance. Over 50,000 men, women and children remain trapped in their homes without food, running water or electricity as fighting rages across Fallujah. US troops have met fierce resistance from the city's defenders, and over 200 Iraqi troops have reportedly deserted.

In Chicago, an estimated 180 antiwar protesters gathered in Federal Plaza Monday evening for a hastily called emergency rally and march to protest the attack on Fallujah and the continung occupation of Iraq. [ Photos ] Similar protests are being organized in dozens of cities across the US, and around the world. On Thursday, November 11, a Veterans Day Protest against the War in Iraq, sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War will be held at 11 AM, corner of Wabash & Wacker, Chicago.

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