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UPDATE: Protesters Surround Police Board, Top Cop to Demand Justice for May Molina

Outraged community residents threw down the gauntlet against business as usual in Thursday's police board meeting, leaving their seats to surround board members and command level police brass and demand meaningful steps in the investigation of the death in police custody of May Molina. Police say they found Molina dead or near death in a police cell at Belmont and Western Wednesday morning. Her supporters have accused police of being responsible for her murder.

The protesters' action at Thursday's police board meeting prompted police officials to offer the protesters an unprecedented Friday morning meeting with the head of the Chicago Police Department's Office of Professional Standards. The meeting is scheduled for 9AM on Friday, May 28 with Lori Lightfoot, chief administrator of the Office of Professional Standards, at her 12th floor office, at 10 W. 35th St., at 35th and State Street. Molina's supporters are urging members of the public to attend the meeting.

More than 150 of Molina's friends, supporters and family members attended the Thursday police board meeting, including her two small grandchildren and two of her nieces. She was widely respected in the community for her tireless work against police brutality and wrongful convictions. Read more.

Latest Update: Funeral Info and Follow-Up Action at U.S. Attorney's Office, June 2, at 2 PM

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