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Chicago Gears Up For March 20 Protest On One-Year Anniversary of Iraq War

M20This Saturday, peace activists will gather from across the Midwest at Chicago and Pearson for a march to mark the one-year anniversary of the war and occupation of Iraq. The march step-off point is near the site last year where police stalled a peaceful emergency protest to oppose the beginning of full-scale war on Iraq. [ CIMC Video: M20 Lawsuit Update / National Lawyers Guild ] The noon event will complete last year's march, and end at the Federal Plaza at 1:30 PM for a rally against war and occupation abroad and attacks on civil liberties at home.

Saturday's noon march is one of a series of local actions being planned on March 20, including a 30 mile walk through southside neighborhoods, a downtown morning rally and a Youth and Student feeder march which will converge at Michigan and Pearson for the noon step-off.

The Chicago protests are part of a March 20 Global Day of Action against War and Occupation that currently involves protests in over 50 countries and more than 250 events and actions in the United States. Mass marches are slated for cities that include New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Across the country, local law enforcement has sought to throw major logistical obstacles in the path of peaceful organizing efforts. In New York, the Police Department is planning to use barricades and containment pens to restrict protests, and in Chicago, local bureaucrats have denied a permit to protest on the street and have renewed their vow to oppose the protests.

Chicago and midwest activists remain unfazed, and have vowed to march on the sidewalk if necessary, which remains legal according to both their attorneys and senior command level police officials. Chicago Indymedia will be covering M20 actions as they evolve, and this website will list breaking news dispatches throughout the day and night. Organizing is also underway to deploy a live radio web broadcast during M20 which is also planned for broadcast on community radio station WZRD at 88.3 on the FM dial. To call in and report YOUR breaking news to our broadcast, phone 773-384-8544.

M-20 Flyers (PDF): [ English | Spanish | Arabic | Braille ]

National Lawyer's Guild:
  • Dealing With the Police: General Guidelines for Activists (PDF)
  • Know Your Rights: NLG info sheets in mulitple languages.
  • Cold Weather Health and Safety Tips from Chicago Action Medical

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