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Republic Windows Factory Occupation: News Links

This list is a work in progress. Please feel free to add any other urls to latest corporate and alternative news stories posted on the Web in the comments section below - Thanks, CIMC

  • Chicago workers vote to end sit-in at factory - AP wire
  • Chicago sit-in negotiations continue - ABC 7 Chicago
  • Chase offers $400,000 in Chicago factory sit-in - Reuters
  • JPMorgan Owns 40% of Shut-Down Chicago Factory, Site of Protest -
  • Republic workers continue sit-in after nine hours of talks - Chi Town Daily News
  • Republic Windows & Doors plant sit-in still a stalemate - Chicago Tribune
  • No deal yet for Republic Windows workers - Chi Town Daily News
  • Bank Says It Will Consider Loan to Pay Workers in Factory Sit-In - New York Times
  • BofA sends offer to Chicago sit-in factory - CNN Money
  • Workers win a big round in Chicago factory sit-in - AP wire
  • Republic’s Fired Workers Plan Bank of America Protest (Update 1) -
  • No deal yet for Republic Windows workers - Chi Town Daily News
  • 'I'm not scared because I'm not alone' - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Republic Windows owner linked to Iowa plant purchase - Chi Town Daily News
  • Another worthy taxpayer subsidy - Chicago Reader
  • Sit-In Wearing On Republic Workers' Families CBS 2 Chicago
  • Talks Fail to End Sit-In at Closed Factory - New York Times
  • No deal reached for factory workers - ABC 7 Chicago
  • Illinois Threatens Bank Over Sit-In - New York Times
  • Raising the stakes at Republic - Socialist Worker
  • Governor Supports Workers At Factory - Washington Post
  • Chicago factory sit-in offers a window onto hard times - LA Times
  • The Republic Windows Sit-In: What Are Workers Owed? - Time Magazine
  • Pressure mounts in plant sit-in - Chicago Tribune
  • Laid-off workers won't leave - The Straight Times (Singapore)
  • No end yet to worker sit-in - CLTV, WGN 9, WGN Radio, Chicago Tribune
  • Sit-in continues after no resolution reached - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Illinois pressures Bank of America to help workers- Reuters
  • Blagojevich halts state work with Bank of America over sit-in - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Illinois governor backs workers, will halt business with lender - CNN
  • Chicago Aldermen Aim to End City's Business with Bank of America - UE News Update
  • Breaking: Governor pressures bank in worker sit-in -, CLTV, WGN-9, WGN Radio, Chicago Tribune
  • Congressman: Company to meet over workers' sit-in - AP Wire
  • Republic Windows workers pin hopes on second bank meeting - Chi Town Daily News
  • A Rallying Point for Labor - Socialist Worker (US)
  • Workers protest against sudden lay offs - Money Times,(India)
  • A Bail Out for Workers -El Diario La Prensa NY
  • Chicago labor sit-in captures support from Obama - CNN
  • Parties to meet over Chicago factory sit-in - USA Today
  • Jesse Joins Reb Workers - The New York Post
  • Chicago factory layoffs are a 'wake-up call to America' - Chicago Sun Times
  • Protesting workers receiving support far and wide - KXXV-TV ABC Channel 25, Texas (AP)
  • Obama: Workers staging sit-in 'absolutely right' - AP wire
  • Sit-in continues at Chicago factory - The Philadelphia Inquirer (AP)
  • North Carolina UE Members to Picket Bank of America's Charlotte Headquarters, in Solidarity with Chicago Sit-In - UE News Update
  • Obama defends Republic Windows and Doors workers - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago workers' sit-in becomes rallying point - AP Wire with photos
  • In Factory Sit-In, an Anger Spread Wide - New York Times
  • Obama Says Workers at Chicago Factory Should Get Pay -
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson meets with laid-off workers - CLTV, WGN News 9, Chicago Tribune
  • Jackson: Republic Windows sit-in is the dawn of a "new movement" - Chi-Town Daily News
  • Laid-off workers occupy Chicago factory, seek pay - Reuters
  • Laid-off Republic workers refuse to leave - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Workers at Republic Windows continue sit-in after company closes - Chicago Tribune
  • Laid-Off Workers At Factory Find Outside Support - CBS 2 Chicago
  • Workers' protest gains support Sunday - ABC 7 Chicago ( with video )
  • Sit-in Day 3: Rev. Jackson Meets With Workers - NBC Chicago
  • Day 2 For Workers At Shuttered Window Plant - CBS 2 Chicago
  • Workers stage sit-in over money owed to them - Chi Town Daily News
  • Workers protest layoffs ABC 7 Chicago (WLS)
  • "We Aren't Animals" - Fired Employees Stage Sit-In - NBC Chicago
  • Plant Closing Leads to Sit-In - Chicago Public Radio
  • Republic workers say they're not leaving without pay - Chi Town Daily News
  • Workers occupy closed factory - UPI
  • Laid-off workers occupy factory in Chicago - Chicago Tribune (AP)
  • Republic Windows, workers at odds over closing Chicago Business (Crains)
  • Laid-off workers furious as bank pulls Chicago plant's credit - Agence France Presse
  • Angry laid-off workers occupy factory in Chicago - AP Wire
  • Angry laid-off workers occupy factory in Chicago - Updated AP story with photos
  • After Layoffs, Workers Stay at a Factory in Protest - New York Times
  • Angry Workers Camp Out in Chicago Factory After Layoff - huliq news
  • Chicago factory occupied - Socialist Worker Online
  • The 1930s Really Are Here Again: Workers Occupy Chicago Window Plant - The Activist
  • Chicago Factory Occupied - UE Members in Chicago Need Our Help! - MR Zine ( Monthly Review online)
  • Chicago: Workers occupy plant - Fight Back! News
  • Workers occupy factory - demand justice - People's Weekly World
  • Making a new New Deal: Sitdown Strike in Chicago - The Nation



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