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Action Alert: FBI and ICE Raid Heart of Little Village with Machine Guns: Community Demands End to Agency’s Recklessness

What: Community Protest & Delegation to hold ICE accountable
When: 9:30 AM, Wednesday April, 25 - Protest/Rally
When: 10:30 AM - Press Conference
Where: Kluczynski Building, 230 S. Dearborn
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Agentes de ICE rodean el centro comercial en La Villita. Fotos: Sin Fronteras
Protesters spilled out into the streets of Little Village
Armed with machine guns, the FBI and ICE sealed off a popular shopping center at 26th & Albany and according to community reports, temporarily detained more than 160 shoppers while carrying out their action.

I.C.E. claims that they came to execute warrants but according to Jesus Carlin, Sin Fronteras Youth Leader "They tried to execute the heart of our community and warn us not to march" he continued saying" "Their actions are clear to disrespect our community and children and to intimidate us."

The raids disrupted activities within the entire community. As news spread, people feared to leave their houses. Diego Bonesatti from the Illinois Coalition from Immigrant and Refugee Rights believes that intimidation was the goal of the agencies’ action today. Aldermen Muñoz and Cardenas agree, describing the event as “overkill.”

Community members will be gathering at the Federal Building Wednesday morning to denounce the actions and announce their commitment to march on next Tuesday, May 1st from Union Park to downtown demanding an end to the raids and a start to legalization.

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