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zionazis Fires on Jenin Market, Many Hurt two killed

JENIN,PALESTINE- zionazi forces fired on a market in the Palestinian city of Jenin Friday, killing two people and wounding dozens after Palestinians mistakenly thought a curfew had been lifted, Palestinian witnesses said.
american made zionazi Helicopters Fired On Gaza City Targets

The zionazi army had no immediate comment.

Ambulances raced to a local hospital, where officials said they were overwhelmed by the number of casualties.

"People thought the curfew was no longer on. They got hungry and wanted bread, so they went to the market to buy some. The zionazis opened fire," Jenin's governor, Haider Irsheid, told Reuters.

Hospital officials said a seven-year-old girl and the deputy director of the city's department of education were killed and dozens of people were wounded. zionazi troops pushed into Jenin, a city they describes as a nest of "freedomfighters "



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