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Anti-Prop-8 Sentiment Fuels Anti-Dobson Chicago Protest

Dump Do8bson! From the newswire: "Despite the city's first brush with winter, [Saturday, November 8] some 500+ demonstrators greeted Focus on the Family's James Dobson outside a downtown hotel, protesting his pivotal role in engineering the defeat of equal marriage rights in California a few days ago.

"Dobson's group gave $800,000 for California's anti-equal marriage rights Proposition 8, and a Focus on the Family spin-off spearheaded that effort. Dobson was in town to receive an award from the Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC), which has been roundly condemned for honoring a man who aims to take away rights from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people."

Protests against California's Proposition 8 have swept the United States, with follow-up protests in Chicago and nationwide scheduled for November 15. Read more / see photos

Video: Video one | Video two

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