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Free movies being given away as world can not afford Cable TV

With the economy so bad around the world Hollywood is streaming free movies on youtube. As more and more of the population of the world can no longer pay for cable TV.
Bumblers promo.jpg Heres the link to the first free movie from Cheney Inglorious Bumblers. Cheney will be adding a free movie from their media company every week.
Inglorious Bumblers
Starring Chris Becker and Arthur Swenson. With apearances from Dirk Benedict, Mike Konik, James stover, And just a ton of b list actors. This film spoofs the action films of WW2 even going so far as to make parts of the footage look like WW2 era film. The film being high in comedy and action. The film follows bumblers of officers and enlisted men on bolth side's being failures at evey mission they attempt. This is a don't miss film if you like action comedys and are a hogans heros fan.
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