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'No Public Option! No Public Option!'

They don't fight for our rights to
be measured fairly in defense - is
what it is, to deny the evidence of
war crimes to speak as ourselves falling
further plundered.
'No Public Option! No Public Option!'

They don't fight for our rights to
be measured fairly in defense - is
what it is, to deny the evidence of
war crimes to speak as ourselves falling
further plundered. by these smiling TV
sadists of corporate whoredum, who
sellout all, as just too uncaring to
what The People have a Right to claim
as our true own fight. Good thing we're
already there then as here too in the
future with some great concepts of
Civilized Life. Johnny 2012.

We need to be going back to
following the 'probable cause' of
something, to figure out, nearer
for sure, just what the hell has
happened here. Bigots, such as the
American Rightard, don't like
this fair plan, because they form
their faulted character judgment
falsely as others, blindly hanging
on as talentless rejects. A
Rightard's major trap, is it
will aline itself, to public
badgering of a labeled group of
people, it sees as incapable to
escape it's bigot class confinement.
I'm not Left, I'm not Right, I'm
John. A guy who tries to make a
decision he firstly understands
something about. Minimally..
instead of, 'regulations are
impeding', 'governing is bad' or
the TV classic 'No Public Option!'

AJ still tells his Globalist Cult
they need to support an audit of the
fed as naked evil enemies of Justice
in God - for it has already been done.
Banksters DO NOT cover our loans.

Newt Gingrich: I'll Help Israel Attack Iran

But for what does the American Satanic
Zionist enemy of Christ and God argue is
it's fair reason? No reason. No reason but
to indiscriminately mass murder millions
of innocent souls on our planet - without
a single expressed care for the banksters
that have stolen trillions from America..
Please, war with everything you have, to
demand Justice for this day.

"We hold reliable information that no data
exist on the military components of Iran's
nuclear program. There's no proof for
existence of such components in the
nuclear program," Russia's Ryabkov said.

They, as demons, have no real evidence,
but TV lies to mass murder our innocent
families for stolen gain, until we
together, do something right for a
change, and put the guilty parties
in chains awaiting the Public trials
for blatant ungodly treasons. Bush
and Cheney closed outstanding police
investigations regarding the mass
murder of Americans in New York
City. Someone set explosives into
Building 7, that is yet, to be
arrested. We all start with,
Larry Silverstein.

Justice Is a Must Have

Justice will be a, must have for me as
your new sworn to duty, fairly elected
President in 2012. Be there.

Be an honorable Cop, and as such,
you will be serving to defend US.

Grunt guilty of killing
24 reaches plea deal

Marine Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich
gets three months in jail for massacring
two dozen civilians - mostly children,
on purpose, without remorse, or regret.
His website had but only one statement
regarding his and Tatum's completely
admitted guilt in killing toddlers at
point bank range. 'innocent until
proven otherwise' Admitting his
toddler victims WERE INNOCENT. Likely
"tried" in front of war crimer "Judge"
(never been to law school) Mattis, who
too, mass murdered countless children
on enemy Satanic purposes, while
Publicly stating, 'Don't be naive,
nobody from the middle east lives
in the middle of a desert'. Again,
Wutrich, war criminal, ADMITS FULLY,
he mass murdered little kids playing
American GI, knowing he'd get away
with it in TV America - the land of
godless Rightard Nazi Zionist cowards,
who will openly to watch Bush and
Cheney walk too for obstruction on
9/11, mass murdering still my America.
When a Bushite grunter dies, we all
win freedom. Do not let Wuterich Police
American streets with KBR gang rapists
of American women. Death to the Bushite,
death to the enemy of God and America.

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

/ / A former CIA official who publicly
confirmed the waterboarding of top Al-Qaeda
operative Abu Zubaydah was charged Monday
with leaking classified information to
journalists \ \ Torture warrants death.
Kill a Bushite for President Reagan.

Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent:
‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’

We want our stolen money back from
the traitors`who claim in Congress,
America is not being undone by
trillionaire thieves, with the
Obama Administration's
criminals. Near 60,000
FACTORIES have left America
for 'free market' cash profit,
while TV republicans tell 99%
of America to further take the
bath, to Watch them blame the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11
and so on...


Ron Paul never tells that bombing innocent
millions NEEDLESSLY is ungodly mass murder.

The Governing Body

".. by the Goldmann banksters." Who today,
as reported by 60 Minutes, are as supremely
evil, destroying tens of thousands of
completely paid for luxury homes, that the
public has paid for at least twice over..
and that the banksters sold as "securities"
at least twice over to the suckers also.
All so no one will ever catch on, that the
property certainly doesn't belong to the
bankster lastly, who sold the title back in
the early 2000's, as, NEVER COVERED THE LOAN
TO BEGIN WITH. Then you say, "no deal". The
private bankster replies, "No you have no free
choice on the matter. Now go get another job
besides the two you already have, because,
the way US trillionaires see's it, you're
going to be paying US back again for being
smarter than a King Johnny Subject. thefool.
Now, by the way, I wouldn't ask this of you
but, for knowing your voting TV Republican
again this evolution. So... How are your
children at scrubbing toilets of the well
to do for free off-shore? Considering your
family time sharing has been pretty much
eaten up for the rest of your existence
here paying foreign entities too and oil
companies half your life to maintain such
a good credit score.. such is the toil of
us slaves in America huh? Romney 2012!
anyways... don't you have a job to do?
Thanks for coming. Now go." Otherwise
banksters might be apt to call on your
servers of tax payer paid Officers, the
bushite grunter teen task enforcers, to
have you and yours poisoned with a
neural-toxic, U.S. "military grade"
anti-speaking sense device, called the
'puppies and kittens peppermint mister'.
and yet a further un-called for 'fair'
beating for complaining about Republican
debtor's prisons.. They are destroying
perfectly fine completely paid for multi
million dollar, taxpayer paid for homes
in the tens of tens of thousands that
cost still Americans trillions!!! now
it's like nothing 60 Minutes is REPORTING!!!
Meanwhile, back at the trillionaires's
estate.. who truly has done nothing for
no one here by NOT covering Our loans to
begin with, "Maurice! get me my private
public funded jet on the runway. we are
going back on vacation! with these prices,
these pissing on poor Americans can easily
afford it." then.. slap, the door shuts,
and your out in the cold, without you home,
swearing alone about just how damn good
foxsnews is about those not smart
Republicans, all being so stupid
Liberals like that always.
Or, maybe not.


Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow


Ron Paul Gets Schooled

/ / Who’s the government? The government created nothing,” said Rep. Paul. “The only thing they can do is steal, and rob people with a gun, and forceable transfer wealth from one person to another. ” \ \

This is so twisted evil. I may decide to
write a paragraph or two later, but for
now.. Question: do traffic lights save
peoples lives by helping us get to where
we want to go quicker? Second: did you
know, Elizabeth hired an independent
auditor and found Goldman was fleecing
the AMERICAN SUCKER! Ron Paul sucks!!

Ron Paul Supporter Uncovers Iowa Vote Discrepancy

And Ron Paul ain't going to say dad. He's a
traitor who likes to rig elections exactly
like this for war criminals he calls his
friends. Example: The banksters are making
off with trillions and trillions of extorted
dollars. Also, Libertarian Gadaffy prided
himself in exercising no formal governmental
decisions since 1976. Gadaffy did try near
his unjust murderous end to do things right,
by faithfully believing Mrs. Clinton, the
inhuman, wouldn't have him murdered in cold
blood if he surrendered to NATO's demonic
nazi grunter air forces of war criminals
who whore for Satan as al-Qeada. They bomb
hospitals, schools, airports, and school
children as "precision strikes" against
defenseless innocent others now in the
totaling millions.

War Criminals are Evil

Obama and Hitlery's double standard:
Gaddafi bad for free healh care and
education, Karimov good for enslavement
by false arrests, torture, and thefts

Revealed: Obama's Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health
bill to save military dictatorships on their taxes

Obama "Nothing will be gained
by laying blame for the past."
(yes, he really does say this)

Good or Evil?

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds
for rebuilding Iraq 2007-2009 is
MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Replace Medicare With Voucher System

/ / Hey, here's a great idea! Let's make
the best government program we have into
an inefficient cash cow for the benefit
of the insurance industry! \ \ that
would prefer you to die before healing.
So, naturally, of course, it is,
"Gaining support in Congress"

Money has been privatised by stealth

Hey! ...this is GREAT! ..and it's
in the popularly influential
Guardian. Excellent. Bravo
on all that jazz. Just remember,
we are 'paying them back' for
money they never privately
lent us. And some, have literally
trillions and trillions of our
dollars that they will, be not
truly understood about.

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.

/ / Honeywell describes an already existing
"secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a
GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take
away control of an aircraft from a pilot during
emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight
Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four
aircraft reportedly hijacked on Sept 11, 2001. \ \

We must demand Justice.

War by Deception Director's Cut

John McCain:
My Daughter Went 'To the Dark Side'

What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBR gang
rapists? TV steal
our tongue?

Johnny 2012

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Can you possibly care for anyone truly,
to forward this concern for others
as your own left forsaken too?

Don't except anything else
but a free to be we society.

Johnny was here..

/ / Russia would regard any military intervention
linked to Iran's nuclear program as a threat to
its own security. \ \

Precisely. We have in Canada, the traitor
to God and Countries everywhere Harper, that
our ELECTED government VOTED to rightly
throw out for his stupidity, (of which an
un-elected Queen from London England, where
they blow themselves up on buses for the
further stolen riches of Terrorist Peter
Powers, Stated, 'What, you in Canada think
you live in a Democracy where you voice
counts in Parliament here on CBC and CNN?')
stating, Harper did, that there is no room
for polite debate, that Iran is building
54,000,000 nuclear warheads. The demon is
NOT challenged by the factless enemy Snooze
media to substantiate his war monger
falsehoods against the completely innocent!
And vaccinated brain dead teen grunters are
trained to only want another excuse to
indiscriminately mass murder millions by
dropping bombs to steal more from everyone
being Satanic Zionists, while dying for
godless lawlessness, all to enrich those
who sacrifice their cowardly evil lives for
war crimes gain, hidden behind the curtain.
It's a ugly world here in TV land, where men
practically do not exist to raise a
honorable voice in concern, never mind their
fat asses, but for to blame bigotedly
blindly, any other but the for sure guilty

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means? Alex Jones

Bush "There's no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."

What kind of inhuman monster could commit such a
willful crime against innocent others for money?

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)

/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

Former Guantánamo Bay prisoner speaks

You'd better wake up sooner than later my
silent American friends, sooner than later.

Bush claims "we" needed not evidence to form
an innocent or guilty verdict. ! regarding
who it was then to set the explosives in
building 7., and my friend of this living
universe must think that that is the dumbest
evilest disturbingly true shit even to be
pronounced by a being anywhere. Ask around..
It's just the most evil thing a TV celebrity
president of pro war crimes fare could utter.
Escaping the bad guys left unchallenged.
Obstructor of Justice George Walker Bush is
a blinding stealer of good will as clearly
ungodly from any realm of believability. We
must secure our freedoms by demanding Justice
denied by Bush and Cheney here. Freedom is a
Just world where our rights are the same to
defend from ungodly criminals who will we
know not of such simplicity as our Natural
Will of Justice for all as anywho to truly
believe in such things. It works out on so
many levels. God is Greater.

The Anatomy of a Still-Open Hot Case

/ / Again, we
are not talking about experienced detectives
and savvy and independent prosecutors. No;
just a handful of masterful and deceitful
politicians and their puppet administrative
staff. \ \

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

Condi said there was no plan, then Armitage said
there was, then she said, golly gee, there was
indeed a "top secret" plan after all, written
from her very own pen. Designed not to catch
the bad guys by finding those responsible by
documented fact, but, so they can blindly make
off as war crime thieves who immediately closed
criminal investigations regarding the tv matter.
Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of
innocence or guilt." Did you know, some
times people or the Antichrist commit
criminal acts to cheat ourselves
a better life?

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban.
Who the Nazi enemy grunts tortured for being
so, pro-America., as funded directly by the
Bush Administration weeks before. I mean,
come on..

Free Johnny!

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

Every 80 seconds

Every 80 seconds, a 'lawless' Bushite grunt
pro torture rapist dies by American "Suicide",
instead of choosing the right path of manhood
to demand Justice in this World victimized.

The Newest Product To Be Made In China…. VACCINES!

These COMMIE Congressmen are at war.. WITH AMERICA!

/ / The campaign, which warns Israelis
that if they continue to live in the
United States, they or their children
are likely to become assimilated, has
raised the ire of American Jewish groups. \ \

Leave alone the fact that these Nazis
kill Jews for money by breaking truces
with white phosphorus against women and
children while stealing homes. But look,
this is far worse than Hitler, in that,
Nazi Israeli claim the wanting to protect
the 'purity of the race', when they are
near all exclusively Caucasian. While
the Jewish race of History, (up until
a few short years ago) were primarily
black and of semitic middle eastern.
In from around that Palestinian region
and Ethiopia. Again, as the Jew Christ
teaches, SATANIC are the Zionist enemies
of Creation. They routinely steal, and
murder, lie and cheat everyone. Ungodly
enemies to every last Freedom Loving
God Fearing Individual from Sea to shining
Sea on this planet of the great Race of
Man. They break truces to KILL JEWS for
money. They called their war crimes attack,
against INNOCENT Peoples "Cast Lead", on
plans to have the American bigots blame
"Jews, Jews, Jews". Now I've personally
talked to our biggest bigots on the Radio
to explain this, where they but one claim
no counter argument, agreeing for the most
part completely, and yet, go right back
to blaming Jews, and not defending victims!
There is no crime in being Jewish, but
there is in being a criminal. Am I still
talking over everyone's head in America
on this? Still? Or are Americans just
willing to be evil, knowing full well,
as Alex Jones does, they can't compete
freely with the facts, so cheat US
all a better life by not supporting
Johnny's nomination as true leader
of the free world thinkers? Alex
Jones, or someone else, take a gamble
and lend me five grand until maybe I
can pay you back for it. I'm in dire
straits here.

IDF DENIES disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

You know, when you say you blame the innocent
Jew, you serve the war criminal ungodly Zionist
enemy right?


"Newt Gingrich, in 1997, proposed the
death penalty for marijuana -- for
possession of marijuana.." as our TV
qualified 'statesman', but what for
little Johnny? More gruel.. tomorrow.
Can you believe this? Mr. Grinch
actually campaigns to put five year
olds to work cleaning bathrooms for
Certified chronic bankrupter Mr. Trump
then? ~Suggesting~ the only reason
anyone would be not working in the
pitch black, is because they don't
have the experience as a half decent
way of making a good living in this
world.. NO TALK of the now very near,
60,000 FACTORIES that have already
left AMERICANS for greener pastures
in 'free market' unlawful military
dictator sinking ships. of Ron Paul
wannabes (you victim) instead. covered
in badly drawn 2¢ comic book fictions
of a breed of ignoramuses never seen
before so foolishly depraved in their
own made up filth called Patriotic,
while soldiers are conned for needless
deaths. In their wallowing cowardice as
pimped for sell out whoredum, as, "The dumb
dumbs"; 'Down with Big', 'Laws are bad',
'Ron Paul! the Commies cheat' Never thought
seen before.. but in a lost time speculated
to be of when real men briefly did not walk
these plains of existence in loyalty to
everything. We are the Law. as fairly
spoken to one as all united in victory
over godless slavery of false imprisonments
with torture, taken for trillions while
drugging our children with ritalin, by a
war criminals greeds to attempting final
escape in our truer names. so far...

Translated: Justice is a must
always willed in the Johnny
2012 Presidential Ticket.
Winners we must be.

Michael Rivero argued after Anonymous
took down DOJ’s website today:

/ / In aligning with the pirates and
attacking the DOJ, anonymous has handed the
US government more justification for
draconian controls on the internet. \ \

Ron Paul didn't have a reason to bomb Iraq,
but That., to this day., doesn't stop Rivero
from refusing to address the fact like Ron
Paul doesn't either; that Saddam isn't in
violation with 1441. And "justification"?
by who's judgment? As Maddow reported,
near every last traitor responsible for SOPA
(to enrich talentless corporate shit), is a
first degree infringer of their own unjust
evil law against free expression, and
minimally need to serve a five year prison
term for that fact alone at the end of every
True American Cop's gun barrel. If they
didn't/don't, (escaping their own imposed
tyranny against US, the Public,) we'd then
all know clearly, they feel Our Laws don't
apply to their 'lawless' treasonous ungodly
evil selves they con no one away from. This
is "why" it's been temporarily halted. As
why too, they were amply quoted stating, 'we
dunt null anyting bout the internets, we's
Congressmen' Alex Jones the Bigot, and
Micheal Rivero can thank Maddow for that -
but they won't because they don't measure
US, The People fairly. RAND PAUL. For
"They" as US would then rightly, demand
arrest of every last war crime multi-
millionaire congressman, including Commie
pinko Ron Paul the election rigging traitor,
try them, and then, properly having found
them clearly guilty of mass murdering
MILLIONS of innocent souls by nakedly lying
to escape Bush and Cheney while robbing
everyone of our speeches, publicly executed
Rightly in honorable Christ the Jew's Muslim
given name. IF we all used our stolen
rights as the accurate measure against these
tyrants of the Satanic, who have sent more
than 50,000 most entirely dumb teen soldiers
needlessly to their deaths for the Gulf's
BP, first degree mass murderer Mr. Dutch
Shell, and for the trillions stolen by the
Goldmann banksters. Pushing dope openly,
killing cops indiscriminately for Mexican
cartels, and gang raping Our American women
as un-accountable to all laws, god or Man
made. I don't think so Bush bitches.
Johnny exists.

About "America" Arresting Upload Companies
for expressions made by someone else -
why not arrest everyone who runs a server,
for, illegal pornagraphy flourishes at
the Pentagon openly without charge..

M. Rivero "I have had my doubts about
"Anonymous" ever since they showed up
supporting Julian Assange and his
extortion racket pretending to be
a whistle blower site." Extortion?$%!?


What?, that the children gunned down
and MURDERED by the grunt on video,
didn't really happen? where the grunter
actually blames the parents for the
crime because they as an innocent loving
couple, brought new life into this world?
Parents the grunter guns down too with
a reporter, while chanting "whore yeah"
for Satan? Micheal 'traitor to freedom'
Rivero, you've read my easy to comprehend
statments on the millions of facts
provided by Wikki, and side to be
dishonest to everyone here. Even If! Julian
was "top secretly" as you allege working
for someone sinister, it doesn't blindly
change "all" facts as like a bigot wills
sold like AJ does too, facts of specific
criminality bared witnessed for all
not seen before. Rightards, even the
best of them will to be nakedly evil
in our presence half the time, instead
of letting the facts decide our Reality.
RON PAUL SUCKS! Mike and AJ still push
Ron Paul the election rigging racist
Commie. A TRUE PINKO COMMIE - proven
CLEARLY to be so. No Justice for
'them', is no Justice for You
TOO sucker.

Incidentally, did you know, Ron
Paul made more than a million
Rightard dollars on those news
letters? So he would have to
know personally who was cashing
the checks. But, doesn't want to
tell US, who was dishonest in
his name about the blacks, the
poor, the elderly, the innocent.
He doesn't care enough to get
his filthy hands dirty. See also,
the scum that voted to bomb
Afghanistan to escape the
war criminals Bush and
Cheney on 9/11 doesn't
wash ever as Patriotic.

TV Celeb Bill Maher speaking of
Iran "You should leave physics
to countries with Jews."

Any Idea how ungodly demonic this
Nazi statement from a liar, a cheat,
and a thief of God like Maher is?, who
wills openly to mass murder more innocent
Americans for war crime Caucasian 9/11
Zionists?, who the Bible teaches are
TRULY Satanic being not middle eastern,
but unlawful in God's 'stolen' Holy name?
Understand, Iran's Jewish community is
larger than all the world Zionists put
together in a room to devour themselves
as true enemies of Mankind. Did you know,
Nazi Israeli's first strike targets in
Lebanon were the Jewish communities?
Did you know, the Jews of the Bible
hereditably, as like a birth right,
live in Ethiopia, and that Nazi Israeli
are pro-apartheid Nazi scum who break
truces to mass murder Jews for money
while stealing our homes routinely? Do
you care as a TV "American"? Likely
not, but for only what you too as a
Republican Libertarian Conservative
parasite can steal from ourselves
as the innocent left forsaken also.

Lord Jesus Christ “I know thy works, and
tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)
and I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the
synagogue of Satan.” (Rev. 2:9-10)

The West Wing - Holy Land Map

The Dead Sea Scrolls outline this
too, where Jews get together and
State, 'these demon enemies of Life,
who claim to be US Jews, are nothing
of the sort. We're all going back to
Etheopia where honesty is the best

'The Synagogue of Satan are an
occult power elite which, having
sacrilegiously rejected the
Messiah of Israel to steal in
God's good name.'

Example: to arrest Americans
to be held without trial is
called kidnaping, a CRIMINAL
Offense. Don't tell yourself
I am all alone on this, as
being serious business of
yours American, I mean,
seriously.. just imagine
third world dictatorship
mercenaries working as they
do, like Aegis does, side by
side with the bushite grunts
as the most ungodly evil
tyrants of lawlessness -
being Republican sanctioned,
'government always bad'
imprisonments of the only
found INNOCENT, to defend
who again as TV American?

Example 2: "Pre-emptive war"
is first degree mass murder,
and in Texas, that would
rightly warrant death.

Did You Know: Ron Paul sucks?

Paul Introduced a bill today to remove
the section regarding detention of
American Citizens from the NDAA bill

But, misplace Our blame against an innocent
man woman and child all because, we are not
all bona fide American Commies? like Ron
Paul's cult sells out True American
principles routinely as the cowardly evil
Libertarian blood suckers. See, this
position states, America Will mistreat
another as 'not' American to de-serve
Justice, so to 'super-naturally' falsely
blame one of the six and a half billion plus
'foreigners' out here for a serious criminal
offense., !of which 'probable cause' will
not be the true measure of some one "else's"
innocent or guilt. Escaping the bad guys
every time. Example One: Libertarians are
evil ungodlies because they refuse the
public knowledge that the Iraq war is a
needless, "NEEDLESS", needless TV war crime
costing American lives and treasures 'freely
given' in the stolen trillions.. and guess
what? They for the near entire most,
couldn't care lesser for the real teen
soldiers sacrificed irrationally in their
silent names there, or that banksters do not
cover our loans they pay them half of our
lives "back" for. They do not argue that
these wars are anything but legitimate for,
they do not argue against the merits of the
consequences of raping and pillaging - no,
instead, they state things like, 'the
forefathers warned us about foreign
entanglement' - like, as if to suggest all
of everything is bad every time without
questioning.. just as a Rightard
belligerent cacophonies as loud mouth know
nothing, noitalls.. Like, when did Bush and
the magic TV argue, that American soldiers
must be sent to their deaths, because a
foreign entanglement is what the Republican
thieves will? They didn't.. No they LIE,
they cheat, they steal, without fair public
challenge of which they would naturally lose
to as measured in literally seconds. I am
King for good reasons. Let US together not
forget the millions of innocent Iraqis
indiscriminately mass murdered and or
tortured by these 'lawless' war criminals
who intent to walk our American streets as
pro dope pushing gang rapists, warring still
against freedom in my America, for the final
escape of Bush and Cheney as Obstructing US
Justice here on 9/11. God exists bitches.

Golden Rule Booed at Demonic SC Debate

Again, the Rightard is not of God, or human
to be so dead set on dying for the most
henious of evils. DBD. When a bushite
grunter dies, we all with Christ win
freedom in God. DBD.


/ / What Part of" No Person Shall Be
Deprived of Life, Liberty and Property
without Due Process of Law" The US
Senate Does Not Understand? \ \

It's every last 'Patriot' American
radio show, that forbids US to yell
of the highest of treasons, by that
election rigging gang rapist of
American women John McCain with Carl
Levin. By not using evidence to form
an allegation against an American for
a crime, will escape the actual bad
guy(s) every time. LIKE JOHN MCCAIN
be a must for me as your new sworn to
duty fairly elected President in 2012.

I Won The Big One Chums

I'm not going to take it anymore
as unworthy a fair consideration.
My America does not intent to going
further as silented victims to
lawless KBR plunderings. Justice
is a Plus. what would anyone think?
What would they think if we had
company over with this place left
in such a shambles? Forward concern
to anyone as your own here please
Mr. and Miss. you'll do it later.
We want our stolen money back from
the traitors`who claim in Congress,
America is not being undone by
trillionaire thieves, with the
Obama Admininistration's
criminals. Near 60,000
FACTORIES have left America
for 'free market' cash profit,
while TV republicans tell 99%
of America to further take the
bath, to Watch them blame the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11
and so on...

Johnny 2012 Rules

Chamber of Commerce Offshores Millions of American Jobs
(then "Debtor's Prison" in a THIRD of States.. Holy Fuck)
[you'd better start caring sooner than later my friends]
"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"
(56,000+ FACTORIES gone - Mr. Grinch 'get a job')

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..

The Rightard Mule

The Rightard mule knows it can't compete
honestly when real men speak freely,
as is why, they commit the audience
to censorship, denying US the facts
for a Life they would otherwise
naturally lose to as laughed right
out the Hall minimally. Alex Jones
and his Cult of NWOers forbid open talk
with the facts, because they know where
free men speak, intolerant Rightard
bigot Alex Jones is shown honestly to
be what he truly cons for. Remember,
without doubt, Ron Paul is a true
pinko commie - no justice for You
anywhere. Who gives himself and his
extended family a public option
with all the perks, as too, with his
"elite" fellow talentless election
rigging Repuglicons - who's only
serving purpose is to be selfishly
sinister conning teen soldiers WITH
TV LIES for needless deaths to escape
the actual bad guys. Wake up: Tax payer
paid for KBR is gang raping American
women, as sanctioned 'lawless' by 30
Republicans attempting escape from US
as men in America. American teen
soldiers are dying for no better
good or reason understood, but to
enrich the ungodly war mongering
enemies of Justice, the IRRATIONAL
(no reason to bomb Innocent Humanity)
pro Peenacker ungodly Neocons.

COREXIT is Eating Through Boats in the Gulf

Again, BP hasn't been arrested for removing
the safety fluid which directly caused the
well to blow, all for the escape of Goldmann
with Bush and Cheney. BP execs must be
arrested for murder, along with congressmen
who have given a foreign company authority
over the US Military and the EPA - a
treasonous act for sure. Wake the fuck up
man, wake the fuck up. This isn't a left
wing are all stupid cause theys not as smart
as a blind goose stepper Conservative
Republican Libertarian tea bagger, who wants
to war everyone with the insults of a bigot
against censored innocent [whoevr]
immigrants, gays, women, children, Arabs and
Blacks, poor peoples, Liberals, the Falsely
Accused.., it's a Justice for all Peoples as
equally respected! being denied equal time
here Johnny Who? issue. Example: Bush and
Cheney closed outstanding 911 Police
Investigations, and self defined right
wingers all, 'all', "all", (as insecure
blind bigots) just don't care for that bare
assed fact, or to forward this post in TRUE
concern for America's freedom devolving
scientifically., but still maybe in a funny
way.. yukyuking it all the way through
lawless godless tyranny with your well fed
smiling always TV football personalities.
Note: did here you hear that TV Celeb tell
all, that without football, his life was
entirely meaningless, retired without
anywhere to go, anything to do, as nothing
else to live for.. well guess what? HE'S
BACK! more lamed and broken as he ever was
like before. Incidentally, have you noticed
all the TV offers to Ted Nugent or Chuck
Norris as of late? where we all know, they
as Rightard, will to continue the lies for
more dumfuk American teen soldiers conned
for further dying blindly,.. and as long as
freedom from slavery isn't championed by any
real Patriots in these here parts.. theys
set.. Like evidence being a requirement to
convince anyselves of someone else's
innocence or guilt! For example: did you
see the nazi grunters piss on the corpses of
the True American Freedom Fighters who
demanded evidence to form a Democratic
Republic's criminal allegations? Those
grunters will to piss on America left
undefended for further lawless lootings in
tyranny. A fact is a fact, banksters do not
cover our loans, and as so, the trillions in
America's bail-outs to do nothing for no
ones is the crime of extortion - to start
with. So., We, us, the 99% and everyone
else, have to get back starting on the
arrest of those responsible for 9/11, for as
it is, Bush and Cheney closed outstanding
police investigations regarding the
un-resolved matter of innocent Americans
STILL being victimized for more STOLEN
profits. the bushite grunters who push
heroin, gang rape and torture, while bombing
our cities indiscriminately as the ungodly
evil enemy of everyone. You included whether
you know it honestly as Man, or care not
to as a castrated, no where to go Bushite
grunter of Evil.

So, how about You my friend? Rather as
Rightard blame the made poorer as the TV
sells? Rather die innocent victim in
lawless tyranny, than allow US, the greatly
wiser of we fairly to politely speak freely
for real Justice in our times? Too cowardly?

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt
for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by
those who demonically claim we don't need
evidence to form their guilty verdicts. On
the matters of Good and Evil. And some people
call ME crazy..

Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

I think the important thing here is that
Ron Paul directly intends to deprive the
public power to defend ourselves. Especially
from wiser men and women that defeat his
idocracy in literally seconds. Explaining
why Pope dope Alex Jones forbids US true
talk of Justice on election rigging, 9/11,
Iraq, BP, and so on.. AJ'd Rather have
innocent Americans suckered for death,
than look as truly evil as he is censoring.
THIS IS THE REASON we have fluoride in our
drinking water. The same evil Rightard
minds at our newspapers poison ourselves
scientifically just as Alex Jones does
forbidding the knowledge of the NEEDLESS
Iraq war. Saddam was not in violation,
and did everything plus more that was
asked of hmself, but Alex Jones doesn't
want soldiers to know so - who have died
for no better good, or reason understood.
Example: The WMDs are still not found,
of which they claimed gave the right to
mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis.
Yet, CNN claims the conflict is [BLINDLY]
resolved now that BP gets to steal all
the nation's oil, while they continue to
gang rape and thieve from others..
What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBR gang
rapists? TV steal
Your tongue?

Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

Ron Paul "if you don't have regulations,
say in the environment and everything,
or regulations on, banking regulations,
actually, the market is a real strict
regulator, it's a stricter regulation."

This is truly fucking retarded. Why oh
why must I be measured above a human
in America to see right through this
demon charade instantly? Would making
gang rape legal, prevent Americans from
still getting gang raped by Ron Paul's
partners in crime? I will not continue
if American Rightards still refuse to
challenge Ron Paul or Alex Jones on
this naked treachery.

An America that’s never wrong

I don't necessitate to every conclusion
made in this fine paper - but No Doubt,
this infallibility complex is a real problem.
Pope Alex Jones suffers US with this. Near
everyday, he keeps telling US as his
mentally challenged Cult getting yelled at,
that no one can possibly disagree with
anything he pontificates, unless they are
just truly hidden as jealous, or working
top secretly on the inside with his ever
elusive.. (as not drawn to a cause of an
effect to our freedoms formally denied,)
"Globalist". Bush and Cheney formally
denied all of America freedom by Obstructing
Justice - there is no other conclusion.
(The LORD exists) While Actual Bad Guys are
Concluded by Alex Jones to be puppets, or
not important to his Globalist's strategy of
social engineering mind control for his nwo
political disorders. KBR gang rapists for
example, or the trillionaire hedge fund
breakers couldn't give a rat's ass for
anything else, but their desperate final
escape from the real men of our communities,
or as the Law returning on Our Sides in a
Johnny Presidency. Also, Alex Jones will
sell a guy like 9/11's Anthony Shafer, or
happy George Noory the heinous monster, is
not at minimum, extremely suspiciously being
absent speaking our growing legitimate
concerns. Like that media guy he keeps
referring to as his best bud ever he'd be
willing to take it up the ass for, who
directly was complicit in the propaganda for
the NEEDLESS Iraq war, denying the truth be
broadcasted: teen soldiers conned to die
cowardly blinded together for the enemies to
Liberty - for no better good, or actual
reason understood. I've listened to near
every show AJ has ever done, and he refuses
this truth be told - and it is a SERIOUS CON
for America's continuing deaths. Alex Jones
has sold conclusions on someone's suspicious
involvement in 9/11, like let's say, General
Ahmad, and suggests silently he doesn't
warrant a demanded Public Indictment!, why?
because Alex Jones with General Ghoul has
already made public conclusions ABSENT the
Legal trail of 'following probable cause' at
a mass murder event by good governance
Policing skills. As Publicly Warranted for
formal Prosecution in our defended Names.
General Ahmad would have his own story
leading one way or another sitting in a box
to explain his "embarrassment" over being
discovered by the American FBI as the
financier to the 9/11 terror attack. As the
question needing asked of all Peoples, 'what
is the Crime of the American, or student
Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion about our guilt or innocence?'
Hmmm, another example: Alex Jones will sell
US excuses for Peter Power on 7/7, (as does
many many others of the NWOer community) but
not that he MUST be arrested for Public
questioning without question, as it is
through THAT process that we can then say,
definitively, whether Peter Power is a
framed puppet stooge for someone else as the
NWOer's 'never seen' "Globalist". Peter
Power, could have, I'm stressing, COULD
HAVE, near pulled the whole 7/7 thing off
personally himself with Ian Blair - the
Truth is, we don't yet completely know who
hired that lying ENEMY grunter in a pirated
police uniform to shoot that INNOCENT
suspect murdered in cold blood on the subway
- but Ian Blair does, or is. Justice for
US, is not leaving Peter Power labeled a
'puppet' or chump to one who pulls 'order
out of chaos' - or shit right out of his

Example: We do know, Mr. George Walker
Bush with Cheney is treasonously criminal
to America here as Obstructors to Justice
without quarrel. For, even if bin Laden
'did 9/11', he couldn't have surely also
planted explosives into building 7 - he
would have had to have an accomplice not
sought, for Bush and Cheney stopped Police
investigating to make the formal arrests
immediately after the crime occurred.
HIGH TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are born (potentially) to be far more
intelligent, as Natural spokespersons for
the timeless Universe - that has but one
simple golden rule to survive. The Golden
Rule. It's like, don't will to treat others
unfairly in governing, and you'll have truly
no quarrel with yourself is how it all
arranges near our ends. In our personal
day to day, and as nations, indeed, the
world of all worlds. God, Life could be
Amazing somewhere in a better future, with
me as duty sworn President elect to protect
one and all for a term or two. With the
power to speak freely on fairness with a
line item veto when things get too far out
of order. Looking always to take Your calls
while mostly on vacation is the goal I'm
aiming for. Nothing is impossible.

Johnny 2012 or Bust

US constantly violates war law

/ / War law states a nation can use their
military on other nations only if that
nation’s government attacks.

Afghanistan and Iraq’s government did
not attack the US on 9/11. \ \

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by
the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower


To take an innocent American man,
woman, or child to be tortured to
death by a bushite grunter is a
crime. Kidnaping, torture, and
murder. It does not matter that
Obama and Repuglicons state with
stolen words, they have made such
conduct "legal" in America, for
to a Patriot, they will be tried
publicly for their naked offenses
against God and be successfully
prosecuted for it under America's
War Crimes Law. President Reagan
made such offenses rightly warrant
Death. Manning is an American soldier
standing against the worst of ungodly
evil tyranny being persecuted in our
stolen names. Who's in charge here?

Johnny 2012

Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.


Don't except anything else
but a free to be we society.

The Greatest Hoax in the History of Money

We need to get back our money while
putting the crooks in jail for starters.
Who's with We? Johnny 2012.

Occupy Wall Street Media Team Evicted From Rented Studio, 6 Arrested

This is going too far in godless tyranny.
These as we are free speakers not alleged
to have spoken a single lie even (as FOXNEWS
does on purposes to kill You as anyone with
BGH), and yet, they go to prison in a for
real enemy prison state of evil for the
final escape of the CRIMINAL Banksters
as extortion, along with Bush and Cheney
for the ride with those thirty Republican.
To attack one of US for furthering American
lawlessness at home, is clearly an attack
against US all. Johnny 2012.

"I'll Occupy"

/ / I bust my ass working 10 hour shifts
six days a week in a factory. Fight the
fuck on, Occupy. As far as I'm concerned
you're doing my real job for me. The
working class is behind you, ignore all
these imbeciles calling you lazy. You're
the only patriots left. \ \


Woman Shows Court Order to
NYPD, Gets Punched in Face

/ / Right now, the NYPD are
throwing over 5,000 books from
our library into a dumpster. \ \
To be burned. Understand my friends,
these are not human beings the Bushite
Nazi grunters. They will to torture, to
push dope, to enslave America, all to
make for the final escape of the for
sure 9/11 perps, Bush and Cheney, along
with the banksters making off with
trillions. Enemies of the Constitution,
enemies of Law, that would prefer to
go back to raping our families by
stealing our lives, than face a rightful
public trial for their ungodly war crimes.

Members Of Congress Get Rich Off Earmarks

/ / VOTE THEM ALL OUT, save Ron
Paul and a few others. \ \ VOTE?

Ron Paul, a huge enemy thief of America
here, was interviewed by Russert and asked,
'why do you rob Americans in the dark like
this, selling at the same time you state
all government is bad always to escape
war criminals as a true degenerate?'
Ron Paul responded with something
like, 'everyone else steals,
so why shouldn't he?' It
IS a criminal theft. IT

PROOF: Rightards are evil bigots,
who whore for money to leave everyone
further undefended from lootings.

Ron Paul On The Failures Of Obama In Libya

Gadaffy was NOT found in violation of 1976.
Russia claimed FACTUALLY that Obama and
Hitlerly were lying. Gadaffy called the
cease-fire 1976 WAS ALL ABOUT of which NATO
said, so? while continuing on strafing
defenseless innocent souls at airports,
hospitals, and schools. (They shoot high
caliber weaponry near straight up into the
sky continuously on TV 24/7 as "Freedom" for
example, a crime that should warrant
IMMEDIATE death as I order to all troops
everywhere being our true good King Johnny)
Gadaffy called for the cease-fire MANDATED
again several times, of which [NOT ELECTED]
NATO Stated with CNN no good still. Gadaffy
called for elections (lamely as likely brain
damaged from maybe vaccines or just being
blind pro-American all these years?), not
good enough for enemy to all lawless pro
al-Qeada NATO, for NATO does not want free
elections warring our worlds for the escape
of Bush and Cheney on 9/11. Why? because,
who on this dying Earth, would actually vote
for an al-Qeada leader from Langley in Libya
to STEAL their oil and banking for Evil as
Ungodly TV America? Bush whore ALEX JONES
SUCKS with Ron Paul here, and demands you
too, as HIS, left to lawless Americans must
also pay likewise for Ron Paul to advance
their naked sabotage to God's true Will of
Justice by falsely Demonizing Ourselves for
further ill. Get real. Ron Paul really truly
sucks, he just does on everything, like a
parasite might claiming money would magically
buy Rights not spoken now for without the
green, in a Rightarded evil world where Ron
Paul the COMMIE still gets a "Public Option"
(FEHBP) for himself and multi-million dollar
family of charity collectors, but not you
suckered further for to pay for his true
contempt of all Human Life left marginalized.
He is not a Constitutionalist, nor a 'Founding
Father Patriot' escaping Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11 nakedly in broad daylight
either. Facts are facts, despite AJ's Cult
of Rightards to air the voice we truly
proclaim our own.

The Pentagon is OPENLY funding al-Qeada.
Ron Paul wills openly to defend no one.
Wealthy gold merchant Alex Jones sucks.

/ / city today opposing a court order
requiring the NYPD to allow Occupy Wall
Street demonstrators back into Zuccotti
Park \ \ Remember, these bushite grunters
do not follow probable cause when spending
billions to spy on INNOCENT Americans. So,
as is why, they will to not allow Americans
to speak freely.

Grunts Charge Oakland Citizens More Than
1,000,000 Dollars to silence peaceful decent
over the continuing criminality wagered
against Christ, as government sanctioned
fraud. By beating up the elderly and kids
with grunter SWAT teams, carrying assault
guns back from Afghanistan used to "mop up"
INNOCENT school teachers and students. The
10th Mountain division for example, goes
into small towns and mass murders every last
man woman and infant, as clearly to Anyone,
for 'reasons' truly demonic. These are not
Cops dedicated to defend Americans as men
being bushite servants of Evil - that is most
certain when they war side by side freely
with the most oppressive military
dictatorships on this planet. They are led
by total bushite enemy dumfuks, who allege
to not stop Americans from peaceably
exercising their constitutional rights,
means they as evil doing war criminals, who
war Humanity to gang rape American women and
push heroin for 9/11, would face a rightful
American death sentence for their well
documented war crimes against GOD and
Humanity to escape Obama, Hitlery, Bush and
Cheney along with the banksters. No go says
Mankind. These fucks kidnap rape and mass
murder defenseless innocent souls in the
millions, while grunting, 'whore yeh' for
the, for real Antichrist's escape all day
long while sniffing glue, or watching
foxsnews football, so, no wonder.

When Tyranny is Law
Revolution is Order

Marine, Navy, Army and Airforce Vets
Vow to Protect Innocent Protesters

Remember, these treasonous bushite nazi
fuks, say 'just' that, then gun down women
and children outside of occupied schools,
all for complaining they shouldn't have
a right, to steal our innocent lives that
way. They war Americans to escape Bush and
Cheney by insisting WE DON'T NEED ANY
EVIDENCE to form a conclusion on who
is good or evil that they randomly bomb
from our skies, or kidnap to torture,

Where Does America Care?

Obama's America has indiscriminately slaughtered
thousands and thousands of innocent Libyians,
covered their country in radio-active toxic
waste, and made it a crime that warrants death
to support public banking and health care.
While, robbing the nation of billions as the
worst of nazi war criminals. But, their
magic TV says their happier than shit about
calling it a day for US there left to Satanic
barbarity, all so we can instead watch the
Rightards plan to deprive America's poor,
elderly and disabled further with big smiles
on their ugly faces. Americans are imposing
their Satanic Zionist version of Sharia,
where the NTC can have as many as 500 slave
wives including children to be raped as
American tax payer supported. Disagree and
America's al-Qeada will war all of Creation
as the ungodly enemy for to continue their
Satanic lies against Allah as the Koran.
Remember, they openly desecrated Gadaffy's
body by putting it on display as they did,
crimes of lawless mass murder that warrant
death in every true Muslim country of all
History. TV America doesn't care, but do
you? Obama and Hitlery must go down as
war criminals for this, and the Rightards
will to not allow such truth to prevail.
Gadaffy was not in violation with the
U.N., but the American Rightard Commie
forbids such talk of FACT to steal further
our calls for Justice, instead wills to
blame US, the 99 percent. Saying things
like, "you liberls think..." as Rightard
BIGOTS. Intolerant like the KKK and Alex
Jones to allow the truth be spoken about
following probable cause to escape Bush
for closing police investigations
immediately after the crime occurred.
Alex Jones wills to cheat America with
George Noory by forbidding such dialogue
that benefits everyone as saving soldiers
lives given needlessly for no better
good or reason understood. Why? They are
weak bigots of evil who can't honestly
compete when Justice is demanded by the
real men of this world, so cheat US all
an equal say. Cheat you on credit, cheat
you on elections, cheat you on health care,
cheat you on BP, cheat you on Iraq,
cheat you on 9/11. And so on... they get
rich, while The Peoples die further
innocent victims to their willful

"Iowa's Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)"

Ron Paul has never even murmured for
Justice in America. He is a PINKO COMMIE
who wills OPENLY, to deny health care,
education, and so on - but not for himself.
He never tells that bombing innocent
millions NEEDLESSLY is ungodly mass murder.
Killing thousands and thousands of teen
soldiers for stealing Freedom NEEDLESSLY.
He voted yes to bombing Afghanistan with
radio-active toxic waste, for Glass
Steagall, and for Bush and Cheney on Iraq.
Or as stealing Our voices regarding the
Criminal pilfering of trillions as
extortion being un-American. RP has
repeatedly told of his intent to attack
poor families and the elderly, as those
ROBBED of social security.. and for me
to even go on about his stances of
lawlessness everywhere as a blind evil
ideologue who doesn't comprehend like
AJ, that Ayn Rand is CLEARLY the dumbest
disjointed load of the purest crap ever
published, is an insult to everyone pro
Free Thought as wasting our precious
times. BP removed the "Safety fluid"
which CAUSED the blow up! The Rightard
poison is to escape Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11, along with the
banksters absconding trillions. AJ
still tells his Globalist NWOer cult
they need to support an audit of the
fed as naked evil enemies of Justice
in God - for it has already been done.
Banksters DO NOT cover our loans.

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

RNC chair: ‘Of course the party doesn’t
favor the rich’ it favors the CRIMINAL

"Self reliance means, if anyone will
not work, neither should he eat." M. Bachmann

FOR REAL: The GOP debate TeaBag Enemies
cheered the blaming of the 99% for lack
of jobs. 56,000+ factories gone so far!

Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."
(on him with Goldman stealing 27+ trillion..)

True American Patriot

Ron Paul Flips Out Over Accusation That
He Believed 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Exactly. Like when? Was it when he voted to
indiscriminately slaughter the Peoples of
Afghanistan to push heroin for Bush and
Cheney's escape from prosecution as
Obstructers?, as he did again treasonously
for Iraq? or was it to continue to gang rape
American women as those 30 Republican "lawmen"
talk freely? Alex Jones and Ron Paul are running
something truly evil here for the banksters and
9/11, forbidding US as the governed to naturally
follow probable cause to arrest the for sure bad
guys. Too complicated? or are Americans just
all Bush bitch pinko commies willing to rob
from everyone as godless evil enemies of

All legislation is a form
of Socialism, and This State
is God, what of it goofus?

Tea Party Founder on Current Version
of the Tea Party: “Tea Party My Ass.”

“Tea Party my ass. This was nothing
other than the Republican Party stealing
the anger of a population that was fed
up with the Republican Party’s own
theft of their tax money at gunpoint
to bail out the robbers of Wall Street
and fraudulently redirecting it back
toward electing the very people who
stole all the ****ing money!”

Yet Ron Paul has never, ever, in his
entire political TV life, said anything
remotely similar to save ourselves from
such Rightard criminals he calls his
Party, of demonic con artists as EVIL.

Johnny for President - In Your Dreams

America needs sound critics against
further foolish lawlessness by pirates
of our air-waves, and I'm the guy to do
just that for victory.

Progressive is not regressive, and, no one
should fear they are the only person on the
entire planet currently living that knows
this. By taking more and giving back less,
puts you in a higher tax bracket than the lowly
that have to actually work for a living, IS
being fair. 50% of a person's budget can be
spent on government sanctioned regression
for *All* smoking taxes, or for expensive
taxed rent and taxed food, or as in America,
for expensive your life is not worth saving
surgery, vital running water, a phone, or
simply electricity. And so if the hapless
pal hasn't yet dropped the smoking habit,
the government comes in like a bushite heroin
dealer for someone lower than the mob and
Blackwater, by getting everyone heavily
addicted to 101 who-knows-what added
purposely concoctions, to then jacking the
price almost out of reach to the scrounging
middle class dying poor, hurting every one
of us as the biggest players too in this
whole "free market" loser economy. All
those billions taken from Main Street could
have been still in many Peoples hands to buy
beer with our smokes for parking down by the
lonesome river, instead of stashed away as a
trillioniare bankster retired at his private
Villa now, with his yachts, and subsidized
jets, private brewery and solid golden doors
on the 50,000 sqft Italian Marbled mansion
costing a paultery billions from everyone's
"lost" Pensions, as 'impressive' for a hedge
fund broker that did nothing to help anyone
for anything here. And no, he doesn't lend for
charity, why should he care for who's taxed
instead for death as smoking? Anyway, my point
i think was that, the cigarette manufactures
have this habit of inundating cigarettes with
deadly poisons the government pushers have
formally refused to ban as a known health
hazard for furthering stolen gains from
everyone too. It's like they are trying to
purposefully, with criminal intent, kill
ourselves as the talentless TV rejects. It's
like, what does George W. Bush, or Sarah Palin
know truly about anything?, and as such, do
you honestly believe they think they even
have to care for our forsaken species
without a true public accounting here?
Until now.

John McCain calls JFK's
murder an "intervention"

This Is True!

Mr. McCain is definately a
supporter al-Qeada. He lies
today for al-Qeada in Libya.
The Pentagon is OPENLY funding
al-Qeada with American taxes
to push their heroin and rape
our families. Let US not let
these enemies of Christ escape
ourselves for proper convictions.

I think we have been somehow
asleep for a spell. Tell you
what, this time, let's dream
of something greater. Support
our rise to popular acclaim,
by taking this stand for our
fellow man. I have a plan.

We need to go back to paper ballots
policed by 24/7 live video feed.

Congress Approves Insider Threat Detection
Program to Combat Leakers of Criminal Malfeasance


U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'

/ / None of the counting is done by networked
Totally a good reason to move the vote count
to a secret location to avoid Internet
hackers...WTF? \ \ expect the then new
multi-millionaire Ron Paul charity collectors
with Alex Jones to all chime, 'Ron Paul lost
fair and square', and then, 'governing is
always bad'. as being the claimed pro smaller
than blatant big riggers of our fair elections
NOT measured accurately by individually
counted paper receipts for all to glean. There
is no better way, but for the dishonest cheats
who will we as they not demand our voices to count
fairly for one as all. Justice equals Freedom.

"He who votes decides nothing; he who
counts the votes decides everything."
Joseph Stalin


quick intermission;

Tom Jones - Without Love


"My wife Carol, and our children and grandchildren,
join me in wishing you and your family a wonderful
Christmas and a Happy New Year." signed by
Ron Paul, but Ron Paul claims someone else
wrote as himself in the first person for
years taking millions of dollars, in a Ron
Paul Newsletter produced by a person yet
named only as fabulously wealthy Ron Paul.
(Alex Jones from what I hear, isn't doing too
bad either as the ever mysterious 'globalist
mastermind' of rightarded quackery.)

Did You Know: Ron Paul is a Commie Pinko?
Why again? An HIV test is not a test for
a virus, and AZT causes the destruction
of the immune system leading to death.
Second, MLK was an orator of un-precedented
greatness to communicate the yearning of true
Justice for our time in unfair sufferings. Ex.
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 police investigations.
ex 2. Ron Paul gets a "public option" for himself
as all Demonrat Republicans do TV top secretly,
but not for US censored to be robbed further our
rights as left for dying victims, and so on...

Ron.Paul is LYING about voting Against Repeal of Glass-S



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