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March in this year’s Pride Parade in the “We DEMAND full equal rights!” contingent!

Please join a Pride Parade contingent initiated by Chicago's LGBTQ direct action group, the Gay Liberation Network!

Also marching in the contingent will be Chicago Area CodePINK and the Coalition For Justice and Respect.
Meet 11 AM, Sunday, June 27
Corner of Wellington Ave and Halsted St
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Why march?

1. Because winning and preserving LGBTQ rights is not a spectator-sport. Rather than watch the parade, why not participate?!

2. The politicians have taken the LGBTQ community for a ride. President Obama and his party promised "change" and virtually the only change we've gotten is in style and rhetoric, plus excuses for why no action is possible. Repeal of DOMA (an act passed by the previous Democratic administration) is off the table, there's been no action on ENDA, repeal of DADT is subject to military veto, and military discharges continue. The Democratic Party, as the party in power with commanding majorities in both houses of Congress, is primarily responsible. Winning of rights means making non-negotiable, equal-rights demands on both parties. This is what delivered the goods for the Black Civil Rights Movement. We need to send a message to the Democrats (and Republicans) that we will be "played" no longer.

3. As is shown by the need to continue the struggles against anti-gay Police Officer Richard Fiorito in Chicago and the anti-gay kissing La Fiesta Azteca restaurant in Alsip, even when you have the right laws on the books, illegal homophobia can still operate with impunity and infect our everyday lives. Since the Chicago Police and Alsip Police have failed to make any effectual responses against illegal homophobic actions within their jurisdictions, it is necessary that the LGBTQ community and our allies defend and assert the rights they refuse to protect.

So join us – 11 AM, Sunday, June 27 at the corner of Wellington Avenue and Halsted (3001 N Halsted) – just look for a big yellow banner – "President Obama—Keep your @#$%! Promises!"

…and spread this message via Facebook – join the Facebook event at and invite your Facebook friends!

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