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Bus Tickets for Jan. 20 Washington DC Counter Inaugural Protest Now Available!

Get on the bus! Protest George 'Dubya' Bush's Inauguration in Washington, DC on Sat., Jan. 20!
Protest George Dubya's Inauguration in Washington, DC on Sat., Jan. 20!

Get on the bus! Cost: $75 roundtrip BUT $85 suggested donation to help subsidize low income people. Buses will leave Chicago Fri. Jan. 19 at 5:30pm (arrive in D.C. 10AM, leave D.C. in the PM) and be back in Chicago on Sun. Jan. 21 at noon. Please arrive promptly.

You can pick tickets up at two locations:
North side: New World resource Center, 2600 West Fullerton
Hours: 3-9pm Tues- Fri; 12-7pm Sat and Sun
Call first! 773-227-4011

In the Loop: News and Letters
36 South Wabash, Room 1440
Hours: 10-5pm weekdays; some hours on the weekends
(call first on weekends 312-236-0799)

For info & location of Bus pick-up location: 773/381-5839. Sponsored by IAC/Chicago. Endorsers/participants include the Chicago Committee to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, HammerHard MediaWorks, News & Letters, Workers' World, and others. Endorsers' list in formation.

Posted as a community service by HammerHard MediaWorks. Labor donated.



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