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Friday, 2/22: Chicago Women in Black to Protest Attack on Civil Liberties

A Women's action to protest the government attack on civil liberties.
When: Noon • Friday • February 22
Where: I.N.S. Offices • 10 W. Jackson Blvd. • Chicago
Wear black on February 22 – and join us.
Protest the Government Attack on Civil Liberties

Support Salma Al-Rushaid and her husband Rabih Haddad.

Noon • Friday • February 22

I.N.S. Offices • 10 W. Jackson Blvd. • Chicago

Wear black on February 22 – and join us.

The U.S. government has ‘disappeared’ hundreds of people – mostly immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries – since September 11th...without charging them, without allowing them access to attorneys, without even releasing their names.

We know the name of one – Rabih Haddad – who has been imprisoned without criminal charges, in solitary confinement, since December 14.

Now the U.S. is moving to deport Haddad, his wife Salma Al-Rushaid and three of their four young children – for speaking out against the government’s refusal to grant Haddad even the most basic human rights.

The government has charged that many of the ‘disappeared’ are terrorists – but refuse to provide proof. Most of the disappeared are being held on technical immigration violations. All deserve – and are being denied – their constitutional and human rights.

- About Women in Black

This is a women’s action, inspired by the spirit of two forceful and fearless women’s groups – the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and Women In Black.

The first Women In Black group was created in 1988 to oppose Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian lands, and spread first to Italy, then Yugoslavia, and around the world.

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo – the mothers of the disappeared – have fought for more than a quarter century to hold the Argentinian dictatorship responsible for the disappearance, torture and murder of tens of thousands of their children.

The courage of these two groups has inspired women across the planet to mobilize in women’s groups that struggle for peace – with justice.

Why women? Because women are often at the receiving end of gendered violence in both peace and war, because women are the majority of refugees, and because women’s voices are typically marginalized – even in progressive movements.

Download a PDF version of the Women in Black flyer.

For more information, email chicagoWIB (at) or call 312-733-2181.

WIB/Chicago is a working group of the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism.




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