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Green Scare Continues in the Midwest!

Hi all.

Today I was issued a subpoena (here in Chicago) to attend a Grand Jury in Minneapolis, MN
regarding acts of arson and vandalism that happened a several years ago in
Minnesota state. The date is set for Spetember the 6th. I was suposed to
meet a woman about subletting an apartment, but instead was greeted by two
agents from the F.B.I. who proceeded to question me about my involvement
in two specific actions. I refused to answer any questions, or to help
with the investigation in any way. They let me know that a man named Ian
Wallace has been cooperating with them for the past several months
regarding these events and possibly others. They told me that Ian claims
that I (and another person) planned these actions and travelled to
Minnesota to take part in them. A seattle man was also issued a subpoena for the same date this morning . I was NOT issed an arrest warrant and have not been charged
with anything....only a subpoena. This all happened this morning (monday)
around 11:00am.

Look forward to more information regarding these new events in the coming



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