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Coalition of Immokalee Workers returns to Chicago, Oct. 18-21

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is a membership-led organization of mostly Latino, Haitian, and Mayan Indian low-wage immigrant workers based in Southwest Florida.

For over a decade, the CIW has been organizing to eliminate sweatshops in the fields. Florida tomato pickers toil long days for 40-50 cents per 32-lb bucket of tomatoes, a rate that has not risen significantly since 1978, with no right to overtime pay, no right to organize, and no benefits whatsoever. In the most
extreme cases, workers are held and forced to work in modern-day slavery rings, from which over 1,000 workers have been freed since 1997 due to the CIW's work.

In 2005, the CIW, with the support of many allies across the country during a 4-year boycott, reached a historic agreement with Taco Bell to directly increase wages and improve working conditions through a stricter code of conduct. For over a year, the CIW and its allies has been asking McDonald's to do the same, but the fast-food giant continues to refuse to take the necessary steps to help end the human rights crisis in the fields.

Farmworkers with the CIW will be in the Chicago area from the 18th to the 22nd of October as part of the CIW's "Mini-Tour," spreading awareness and applying pressure on McDonald's in its own backyard.

There are various ways you can help and get involved:

-Join us for a picket at McDonald's headquarters on Friday, October 20th (4:00-6:00pm, McDonald~Rs Drive & 22nd St, Oak Brook).

-Participate in a picket of a local McDonald's on Saturday, October 21st:

Picket with CIW farmworkers and allies at local McDonald?s throughout Chicago to educate the community about the human rights abuses in McDonald's tomato supply chain. Demand McD's work with the CIW to end sweatshops in the fields!:

10am-12pm: McDonald's by Loyola Red Line stop on North Sheridan

12pm-2pm: McDonald's at Western and Armitrage

3pm-4pm: McDonald's at Archer and Rockwell

4:30-6pm: McDonald's at 18th and Blue Island

-Consider having your organization endorse the Alliance for Fair Food:

-Visit,, and to learn more about farmworker poverty, McDonald's role in it, and the CIW's Campaign for Fair Food.



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