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May Day 2006 Pictures

Pictures from the May Day 2006 Immigrants Rights March and Rally.
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01 Justice All Immigrants.jpg
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02 ForceWrapped.jpg
03 Immigrant and Bigot.jpg
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04 Angry Bigot.jpg
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05 Watching the Bigot.jpg
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06 No HR4437 Family.jpg
07 May 1 March T Shirt.jpg
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08 Crowd.jpg
09 Humans Not Illegal.jpg
The current debate in congress to determine the lives of millions of immigrants is filled with hypocrisy and contradictions. For starters, it is the immigrant pilgrims and their followers who stole the land from the brown people in the first place. Second, it is our economic policies carried out via the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which has forced so many economic refugees to leave their homes and come to the United States in pursuit of what is too often a myth. Second, we can't decide if we want to kick them out to preserve labor intensive jobs, or keep them so that we can afford cheap vegetables.

Where does justice start? By acknowledging that save for the greed of a few, there are enough resources on this planet for even the billions of people there are. Second, a vast majority of the greedy few seem to reside in this country. If we stopped messing up everyone else's homes, they wouldn't have to chase the resources back to this land, working their fingers to the bone to earn back what was rightfully theres in the first place.

To me the flag of the United States has come to represent genocide, and I am not proud of it. To see so many people wrap themselves in it saddened me.



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