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M1 Update: March Route Confirmed for May 1 Mobilization

Union Park to Haymarket Square, continuing on to Lower Hutchison Field in South Grant Park.
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Community leaders from the various ethnic communities in Chicago have announced the official route for the National Day of Mobilization to be held on May 1st, 2006. The march route below has been confirmed with city authorities.


10 AM: Rally and Program in Union Park
We begin at Union Park (Randolph and Ogden) where a stage will be set up

12 Noon: March Begins
We march east on Randolph to Haymarket Square
We turn right on Desplaines (South)
We turn left on Jackson (East)
We turn right on Columbus until we reach Balbo

2 PM: Program in Grant Park
We end on Lower Hutchson Field which is located in South Grant Park where a stage will be set up

Feeder Marches:
North: 10 AM at Milwaukee/Division/Ashland
South: 10 AM at Ashland and 19th

*Feeder marches will arrive at Union Park so that we can ALL MARCH TOGETHER to Grant Park at 12 noon

The Movimiento 10 de Marzo (March 10th Movement) is a grassroots coalition composed of leadership from the Mexican, Arabic, Islamic, Irish, Polish, Korean, Chinese, African American and South Asian communities, plus a strong contingent of Labor Unions who are preparing for this historic participation in the May 1st Mobilization. Their demands include comprehensive immigration reform for all 12 million undocumented immigrants in the USA.



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