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Call for volunteers to help fix public transit

The Campaign for Better Transit is about to launch a 2005/6 bus reliability study, and needs your help to make it possible.
The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group's Campaign for Better Transit is poised to launch a 2005/6 bus reliability study. In 2004, we released a report summarizing our last bus study, called The Late State of the Buses, which found that the bus service offered by the CTA falls woefully short of excellence. In our new study, we will survey the same routes to determine if there has been any improvement.

We will be surveying selected routes during two weeks before the weather gets too cold. Volunteering will be fairly painless, and the methods of collected data are straightforward. It will only take a few hours of your time to help hold the CTA responsible for providing fair and equitable service to the whole city.

Remember, public transportation is relied on many as the sole means of conveyance to important locations, such as work, schools and appointments. 2/3 of all people who use public transportation use the bus, and when service is unreliable peoples lives and needlessly made more complicated. The Campaign for Better Transit needs you to volunteer to help hold the CTA accountable.

Contact Devin Ross at 312-939-7198 ext 3821, or email him at dross (at) All messages will be returned promptly.



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