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Arrests In Arlington Heights - RESPOND NOW!

Protesters of the racist killers the Minute Men are arrested in Arlington Heights today.
Today, on October 15th, 2005, hundreds of people went to a Christian academy in Arlington Heights to protest a national convention of the Minutemen, a group of people who have taken it upon themselves to patrol the Mexico and United States borders to kill any person they deem to be illegally entering the country. Sometime during the protest, the Arlington police and reinforcements from other jurisidictions moved in and started randomly picking people out of the crowd and arresting them. We have been informed that 5 people have been arrested on battery and resisting arrest charges.

Shall we dwell on the irony for a moment? A group of people confront vigilantes who are condoning and committing extrajudicial killings - AND THEY GO TO JAIL!

Call the Arlington Heights police at 847-368-5300 and demand they release the 5 people who were arrested and drop all the charges, NOW.

Bail money is needed - people from the World Can't Wait contingent at the protest are bailing people out but they need help! If you can donate, contact World Can't Wait at 773-412-8318 or chicago (at) to donate what you can.



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