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Aurora Il Bush Protest Anti-War

“War President? VACATION PRESIDENT!” That’s the main message. Bush tops vacation time of any pres while soldiers die. Be at the at the Caterpillar plant in Aurora, Illinois Wednesday Aug 10th 8:30AM, doors open 9, Bush speaks 11. South on Orchard Road at the intersection of rt30 and Orchard Road in S. Aurora. Main Entrance Caterpillar Drive. Questions: Tetricus at Yahoo dot Com.
Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

President Bush will reach a record breaking 350 days of vacation in less than five years at the end of his annual five week Crawford vacation. That beats Reagan’s record of 335 days in eight years and we aren’t counting trips to Camp David or Kennebunkport either.

Some things do give President Bush cause to run to the White House. Bush took an emergency flight to sign the bill to intervene in the Terri Schiavo matter. With another twenty-one Marines dying in Iraq this week and Osama Bin Laden a faint memory, Bush has exactly what he accused his detractors of having, a “Pre-9/11 mindset.”

President Bush will, however, be taking a break from his vacation to visit Aurora, Illinois. He will be signing the Federal Transportation bill this Wednesday at an invite-only event. Anti-war protests will be held at the Caterpillar plant where Bush will be speaking on Orchard Road, south of the intersection of RT 30 and Orchard Road in Aurora. Doors open at nine, the president starts work at eleven.




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