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Force the NY Times to publish the 2000 Florida Recount

Dear readers

To protest the New York Times and the Washington Post cover up of the publishing the 2000 Florida vote click these links to email the NY Times and the Washington Post.

mailto:letters (at)

mailto:letters (at)

Then call and email the advertisers of the NY Times and Washington Post and demand that the NY Times and the Washington Post publish the results of the 2000 Florida Election.

Call CSPAN at 202 737 0001 during Washington Journal and bring up the cover up of this story and also mention the illegitimacy of George W Bush and that you would like him to resign. Also ask the moderator to have an opinion program on this topic so others can voice their opinions on the cover up.
Encourage the viewers to call the NY Times and the Washington Post and demand that they print the results.

To Join the boycott of Republican contributors listed below:

Coca Cola
Pepsi Cola
Shell Oil
American Express
Marriot Hotels
JC Penney
Dell Computers
Florida Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice
and Florida Tourism

click this link.

mailto:dbaer (at)

Then write and call the companies above and make legislative demands of them and tell them you will no longer buy from them until Congress meets your demands. Also demand that these companies stop giving money to the Republican Party.

Thank you.



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