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OTTAWA: Mobilization Against IMF-WB N17-18

spokes meeting to discuss mobilization against WB-IMF in Ottawa November 17th-18th
G-20, World Bank and IMF meetings to be held in Ottawa Nov 17-18

An invitation from Global Democracy Ottawa

Planning Session for the Upcoming
World Bank, IMF and G-20 Meetings

First Spokescouncil

Saturday, October 27

1:00 PM

St. Paul University
223 Main St., Ottawa
Room 103

(Wheel Chair Accessible)
Bus Route #5 & #16
Parking available

Delegates from groups that plan on protesting the World Bank/IMF/G-20 in Ottawa

"Please have your group delegate 2 representatives and
contact Marie Huot with the information."
marie11juillet (at)

Billeting is available
Please let us know ASAP if you plan to attend

Observers are welcome

No media reporting

More details to follow



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