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Archive of breaking developments with protests in Chicago - March 19, 2005

Here is the archive of breaking developments of protests and events in Chicago and elsewhere for March 19, 2005.
Here is the archive of breaking developments of protests and events in Chicago and elsewhere for March 19, 2005.

Note: This list of updates was written hurriedly in most instances, and is certainly subject to correction or revision. If you know of information which confirms or refutes any of the details listed below, please share it as a posted comment.

5:37 PM: Estimates of upwards of some 5000 people in Federal Plaza for the rally which has since ended. Very diverse group of people participating.

3:35 PM: Report from just south of Jackson and State: Police have harassed a random photographer who happened to be there. Unknown if the photographer was affiliated with any protest efforts.

3:33 PM: Report from Jackson and State. Considerable police presence. No protesters (presumably they're all at the Federal Plaza rally).

3:15 PM: McKinney's speech has ended.

3:01 PM: Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has begun her speech before the rally.

2:46 PM: Rally at Federal Plaza is continuing. Intimidating police presence. Not many counter-protesters.

2:32 PM: Another call from Federal Plaza. Gobs of police, but lots of people too.

2:25 PM: Rally at Federal Plaza. Plaza packed with people.

2:23 PM: Dispatch from Milwaukee. Rally with 500, march with 300, and there was an interesting development with right-wing counter protester dressed in all-flag apparell

1:57 PM: Technical snafu with the phone is fixed. Try to call again.

1:03 PM: Massive police rally at Oak and Dearborn is locked in immobile. Negotiations are underway to march down State street. Police may be stalling.

12:48 PM: Protesters are negotiating with police, one block south Oak on Dearborn. Hundreds and hundreds of protesters present. At least three rows of police east of matters. They're ordered to march BACK to Bughouse.

12:32 PM: Andy Thayer called from the paddy wagon. He was arrested upon holding the Michigan / Oak press conference. He has been charged with disorderly conduct. The police's actions are in evident violations of civil liberties and city ordinances.

12:24 PM: Northside march is approaching the Newberry library. Report that Andy Thayer and six other people have been arrested.

12:14 PM: Andy Thayer and Don Little Brad Little have been arrested. Reverend Jakes is leading a contingent of people down Oak. Police are moving down Michigan avenue to prevent any individual protesters. Michigan avenue appears non-operational.

12:12 AM: Negotiations succeeded in getting protesters to march to Oak and Dearborn.

12:05 AM: Northside march heading north to Dearborn and North.

11:58 AM: Michigan & Oak protesters have been ordered to disperse. Anyone marching on Michigan will be arrested. Some 300 people are at Michigan and Oak. They're being ordered to advance down Clark.

11:54 AM: The Northside march has been marching, heading down Dearborn. Police have given them one lane of the street, and are evidently directing them to Bughouse Square.

11:49 AM: Tons of cops at Oak and Michigan. Orders to disperse have been made to the Northside march.

11:44 AM: Northside march on Chicago and Clark.

11:41 AM: March is advancing on North, probably GLN.

11:35 AM: Northside march is on Oak. Six bicycle cops are trailing.

11:22 AM: Massive police presence at Bughouse Square. No protesters there.

11:20 AM A police attorney has instructed marchers at Leo Burnett to proceed to the Israeli consulate, but can't otherwise move north or south.

11:14 AM: Oak Street report: light police presence so far. Don't be intimidated, folks.

11:08 AM: 100 people at Leo Burnett, police are distributing red pieces of paper as presumed "proof" of notification to avoid Michigan and Oak.

11:04 AM: Police have ordered the GLN rally at North and State to disperse or face arrest. Police are enforcing rally directions to march north to Dearborn, to eventually convene at Bughouse Square. 20-25 people at the Israeli consulate rallly.

10:55 AM: The southside march was held for 15 minutes by a police blockade at Orland and Wacker, but was finally allowed to advance to Leo Burnett. Reports says that the northside march is changing its route to avoid Leo Burnett.

10:52 AM: A small group (maybe five) at the Clybourn recruiting center near Cabrini Green is waiting for the Northside march to arrive.

10:48 AM: The other southside march is approaching Leo Burnett.

10:31 AM: Southsiders For Peace has already arrived at Leo Burnett. 30-35 people rallying, maybe as many police on-hand.

10:21 AM: Ralliers are waiting for reinforcements at the recruitment center at Clybourn. Also, a serious number of barricades have been posted downtown, including those which would reduce room for ralliers at Federal Plaza.

10:13 AM Report from State and Wacker. Lots of plain-clothed officers. Police surrounding Leo Burnett. Wacker and Wabash. Wabash bridge is currently closed to northbound traffic. Between Wabash and Michigan, Cook county sherrifs are gathered.

10:00 AM Northside rally marching south on Ashland having refueled at Healing Earth.

9:14 AM Call from Ashland heading to Jackson. Some 30 marchers taking part in the Southside march. Much enthusiasm and chanting of passers-by: "No War".

9:06 AM Rally at Lane Tech. 30 people taking part. Police are trailing. People have been supportive, extraordinarily so.

9:05 AM: Report from the southside march. Some 45 marchers rallied at 18th and Damen and are now continuing on 18th streets. Helicopters were spotted.

8:55 AM: Some 25 marchers are now participating in the Northside march. Two police cars are "escorting" the march. Some corporate media types (ABC7) stopped by.

7:49 AM: Unconfirmed report of 14 marchers on Foster; probably the northside march.



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