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Downtown vs. near the airport … (urban heat island - in reverse)

The "official" weather station for Chicago was moved during the late 1930s to early 1940s, from downtown to near the airport ... similar to weather station moves at Minneapolis and other metro areas. Thus, the text below is meaningful for chicago.indymedia local, in my opinion.
"Official" temperature readings aren't kept in downtown Minneapolis anymore. They're kept at a location near the airport.

Was Minneapolis really 1 degree F cooler today than it was in 1934?

... I don't think so ...

1934 temperatures for Minneapolis were measured in downtown ... where Urban Heat Island (UHI) was likely significant due to buildings and roads.

2005 temperatures for Minneapolis are measured near the airport ... away from buildings and roads. The change in location from downtown to near the airport was in 1939.

So … The "official" record high in Minneapolis on Feb 3rd will stay at 51 F in 1934, for awhile anyway.

Today it was only 50 F ... but that was near the airport ... not in downtown.

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