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Local Antiwar Documentary "Where We Stood" Wins Emmy Nomination

Where We Stood has been nominated for a Chicago Emmy

In a notoriously conservative media town, this is no small nod to our politically charged piece. Everyone who worked on any part of this process
deserves to be congratulated - all the producers know that this could not have happened without the support and collective effort of all of you. It might sounds trite, but it really doesn't matter whether we win or not - just the fact that we told the story and it did not get buried once again by
the media in this town is something to be happy about.

Some say awards are superficial and don't matter in the bigger scheme of things and that is
true, but considering the subject matter here, we can be proud of the fact that the piece still lives, still is being seen and has not been hidden by the mainstream.

Here are the details and the other documentaries that were nominated:

46th Annual Chicago/Midwest Emmys
Saturday, December 4, 2004

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Chicago Chapter

Category #9A Outstanding Achievement for Documentary Programs - Documentary of Current Significance (Award to the Producer) Judged by Denver Chapter (10 entries)

Worried Sick: Terry Spencer Hesser, Leslie Mauer, Producers. WTTW

Wisconsin's Soldiers: Mission Iraq: Paul Blume, Sam Sorenson, Producers. WMTV

Where We Stood: Chicago's Resistance to the U.S. War in Iraq: Linda Beckstrom, Producer; Blake Beckstrom, Jon Groot, Seth Skundrick,
Co-Producers. WTTW

Experiment: Gay and Straight: Mark Saxenmeyer, Executive Producer; Darlene Hill, Producer; Kathleen Minnis, Senior Producer; Leo Brucato, Chris Davis, Lou Hinkhouse, Andrea Dip, Travis Franklin, Erik Kinzle, Associate Producers. CAN-TV



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