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Planning and review meeting tonight for September 30 DC action and local action.

September 30 DC action and local action planning meeting tonight, Wednesday, August 29.
September 30 DC action and local action planning meeting tonight.

Tonight, Wednesday, August 29, a large and diverse group of people will be meeting to discuss activities and events for the September 30 mobilization week in DC. We will also review and discuss local solidarity events for that time.

We are Chicago, in action! We are a community-oriented group of people working to mobilize others in and around the Chicago area to demonstrate that oppression and exploitation of the world's people and their resources will not be tolerated. We are not going to stand by and let undemocratic forces take over!

We are students, mothers, fathers, artists, anarchists, laborers, socialists, businesspeople, tradespeople, unemployed people, and others, all organized around building a better tomorrow through direct action.

Join us every Wednesday at 7PM at the Wicker Park Field House. We also have public teach-ins throughout the Chicago area. Call us at (773) 509-4929 for more information, or email info (at)



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