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Vietnam Veterans Against the War Memorial Day Ceremony

When: Monday, May 28, 11:00 AM to Noon
Where: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain
Wacker and Wabash, Chicago ( despite construction)
Join VVAW for a comemoration of the the 30 anniversary of Vietnam veterans throwing back our medals against the Vietnam War and the struggle against war today. Program will include VVAW commentary on the Bob Kerry scandal and the real victims --- the Vietnamese.

* Our Demands include:
* Military out of Vieques, Stop the Bombing!
* No War in Colombia!
* Decent Benefits for All Vets!
* Homes for the Homeless!

Speakers will include:

* Luis Gilberto Murillo, Afro-Colombian leader, and former

* Leslie Combs, District Director of U. S.

* Representative Jan Schakowsky, (D-Il.)

* Cesar Ruvalcaba, veteran of both Somalia and Haiti

* Barry Romo, a National Coordinator of VVAW, Vietnam veteran, recently returned from fact finding mission to Colombia.

The event will end with a rememberence of those who die on both sides in America's wars and the placement of flowers at the fountain. Musical rememberence will be performed by Mat Steward and Lisa Boucher.



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